Paratour - Happy
Italy July/August 2011

After a 3-hour drive from the Rome airport, we arrived in the nice area of Marche, in a medieval area by the Adriatic sea. 
Not many tourists and a delightful Italian immersion, surrounded by great people.  
We stayed in a nice Bed & Breakfast called Dimora Antica, built in a medieval church.
It was very clean and our hosts warmly greeted us.

The view we had from our bedroom window:  Torre Matteo Ricci, the tower where they could see incoming pirates at sea and alert people in the nearby castle.

 We had a lot of flying at the Fermo skydiving center. 

Below:  Enrico Vignini, Fly Products owner, with Ugo, one of the Fly's pilots, watching Eric Dufour preparing to take-off with the Xenit trike from Fly Products, and the Boxer wing from ITV.
  Over the Fermo drop zone, it was nice seeing the sea from the air.
Thank you guys for your warm welcome, access to your Internet connection,
good food & wine and the friendly ambiance!
On the right: Beatrice Sagripanti, who cooks tasty meals 
at the Hard Drop Cafe
Center: Antonio Guzzo, owner of the Fermo Fly Zone skydiving center
(Picture by Beatrice Sagripanti)

Giovanni, a friendly local pilot.
Elisabeth enjoyed flying a prototype 4 stroke trike from fly Products. 

Beatrice Sagripanti, who is a skydiver, a wife, a mother
and a fantastic cook at the Fermo Fly Zone,
went for a tandem flight with Eric. 
 All pictures of her flight are from Beatrice's camera


Eric took Stefano, one of the local skydivers.

Walking in Fermo on a nice Sunday afternoon.

Fermo on a Thursday night. 
"Ded end Erioni"

We now know were Bruce Erion's ancestors come from  ;-)

Visit at the Fly Products Manufacture 

Enrico Vignini, owner, Eric and
Raffaele Benetti, Italian paramotor instructor (Fly X Fun - Scuola di Paramotore) and Fly Products dealer.
Sandra does the office work for the Fly Products. 
She is also Enrico's sister.

Enrico's peace haven.


He is an excellent paramotor pilot who has been flying for 20 years and his place offers a view on such beautiful scenery and he can take-off from the yard.

A nice lunch in good company:
Eric, Raffaele Benetti, Karin & Enrico's Vignini and Elisabeth, who took the picture.

Karin with her dog Cico & Elisabeth

In the the area where we were, there is a festival in one of the many beautiful small towns every weekend during summer.  Enrico and Karin took us to Montapone, the one hosting a festival that weekend. 
What a beautiful evening! 

For us North Americans, this old architecture with so much history always impresses us.

The evening ended up with a spectacular show outside,
with actors on stilts.
At Grottamare 

They also took us to Grottamare where we had a delightful lunch.
(unfortunately, we did not get good pictures of this)

Thank you Enrico and Karin!

Our visit to Vittorazi

Matteo Vittorazi kindly made us visit his manufacture.

Paolo, Matteo, Eric and Stefano

Their new Moster is a success and runs well and except for the starter problems,
which we spoke at length.  Matteo explained what they think the problem is and fixed it now.  


Eric, Matteo, his mother Elda and Paolo, the man who answers
your e-mails:  Mr. ;-)

Vittorazi is the Orazi family business:
 From left:  Matteo Orazi (son), Elisabeth, Elda Orazi (mother) and Andrea Orazi (son). 

The Vitto of Vittorazi is in honor of Vittorio (the father) who past away a few years ago.

Our visit ended up with a nice meal before leaving.
Thanks Matteo and see you next time you come in America!

Our visit at Ross 

En route to Ross, we had to deal with a flat tire  
...but it has been quickly fixed.
With a few minutes delay, we arrived at the Ross shop,
where the owner, Gianluca Marcolini, welcomed us.

This 40 year old man is very sympathetic and energetic
and looks 10 years younger than his age.

There has been of course, allot of exchanges about their engines

Gianluca was very generous with his information.


He showed Eric their novelties

Of course, they spoke about the new Ross 200
And he gave Eric some tricks

After we left his shop, he kindly brought us
to the local garage to fix the tire for good.
Then he took us for a visit of Macerata,
a lovely little town where he lived all his life. 
Lets have lunch at this restaurant right in front of us!

Everywhere we walked with him, there was always someone he new
and waived or briefly chatted with.

We had a delightful meal.

Hard to resist an ice cream in Italia.                                                

Thanks tor everything Gianluca!

Then we headed North, in Venice area.

Our new Bed & Breakfast, Hotel Cittadella, located in the square (surrounded by a wall) of another nice little town called Cittadella.
Nice & clean and located in the center of the town. 

The view from our bedroom

The view on Mondays, as this is the flee market day on the square.

One of the 4 doors of the wall circling the center of the town.

An afternoon in Bassano, a famous paragliding place.  Unfortunately, the winds were too strong and there were no paragliders in the air.  But we had a good time relaxing at a restaurant beside the landing area.

A visit in Venice

A very beautiful city, but filled by tourists. 
We had a great time there too. 
Visit at the Miniplane Factory

Eric Dufour & Diego Checcetto

Diego was kind enough to let us tour his factory.

With his Top 80 and Miniplane, Diego is certainly within those who sell the most in the paramotor community worldwide.

Doing tests on an engine.

A nice dinner in Bassano:  Diego Checetto with his wife Daniela
and their 7 year old son Andrea, Eric and Elisabeth

Doing the hole nine yards in Rome


Living Italy 
What a beautiful country! 
A geographical variety with so different nice places, warm people, good food and wine and so much history!

What a great trip we had!