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September / October 2011
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DC McLure (Florida)
is a happy owner of a Titanium Ultra 130

Yves Laga (Montreal, Canada) became also the happy owner of a Titanium Ultra 130 .  This is the 2nd paramotor he buys from Paratour,
so he already knows he will receive an excellent service.

Aida, the lady who kindly serves us at the post office,
enjoyed the ride in the XCitor Eric offered her.

Claude Touchette (Quebec, Canada) is a happy camper with his
Titanium Ultra Moster.   Light weight and powerful.  He has it all now.  

Eric met
some of his long time friends in Quebec, Canada:  Denise Normandeau, who happens to be the very first Canadian female skydiver, Régis Normandeau her husband who has been Eric's skydiving instructor back in 1973 and Danny Scullian

All 3 are Eric's very good friends since he is a teen ager
also his skydiving companions. 

Michel Proulx (Montreal, Canada), who learned to fly his paramotor
with Eric 2 years ago and two pilots from the Montreal area

Photo by Leslie Britt

Leslie Britt
changed her Power Pluto for a Power Pluto II. 
Her new Power Pluto II is here test flown by her boyfriend, Eric`s former student and PPG instructor, Rod Thernovsky, as a true gentleman.

Photo by Leslie Britt

Photo de Marty Hathaway

Photo de Marty Hathaway

Eric had a good time landing and taking-off from the back of his
pick-up truck drive
n by his friend and PPG pilot, Paul Bobo.

Photo de Marty Hathaway

Photo de Marty Hathaway


67 years young, Danny Boone from New Mexico, started his training with Eric on his Green Eagle trike and Stradust glider from Axis
Progresses to follow on our November blog.

Katherine congratulated by Eric right after her first solo flight.

Paul and Katherine Dillon came from Colorado to learn to fly a ppg on trike. 

Paul, who is already a foot launch paramotor pilot and a former student of Eric, decided to fly on a trike too.  After seeing Paul flying PPG for many years Katherine decided to enroll for the training, just to try.  Their progress on the November blog.

After 17 years of flying a paramotor foot launch with over 1,000 flights, Christiane "CC" Moisan decided to add paramotor on wheels to her her skills and joined Katherine and Paul during this training.  Her progress to follow on the November blog  
Danny, Eric, Paul and Katherine during theory class
Eric answering Danny's question during the evening debriefing.

Paul & Katherine Dillon are now the proud owners of a Kangook trike with black Devil engine and a Power Pluto II paraglider.

We had the nice visit of Glen Myatt with his wife Elizabeth.  Glen trained with Eric few months ago and really enjoys the air ever since with his Titanium Ultra Polini and Power Pluto II. 
 This visit was another good reason to take a family picture
(Picture by Elisabeth Guerin)

From left:  Elizabeth & Glen Myatt (Mississippi), Paul & Katherine Dillon (Colorado) Eric Dufour, Mike Britt, CC with Casey Lou Britt up front.

Remember the Gaskins identical twin brothers
in our November 2010 blog page?

Well, their brother Rick decided to fly a paramotor too
and just like his brother Bob, he started his training with Eric.

The Gaskins family is netted tight.  Rick's brothers came with him
the day we receive Ultras from France, so he could take his from the box.

All Ultra 130 in this shipment.  Rick chose this box

Rick Gaskins, Eric Dufour, Bob and Tim Gaskins

Here it is!  Rick's paramotor!  And he decided to fly it with a Power Pluto II in the colors of the Gators, his favorite football team. 

Starts shaping up.

Almost done.

And as we advertized, it weights 46 lbs, ready to fly.

Rick Gaskins and Tony Kechichian, both from Florida, train together.  

Tony wants to fly since as long he can remember and decided to train with Eric Dufour. 
He chose an Ultra 130 paramotor with a Power Pluto II

Rick and Tony during training on the simulator

Eric Dufour likes challenging his students and here is what he did to show Rick and Toni how a good ground handling control can be fun.

Dufour teaches with fine equipment and the Papoose ground handling wing is one of his nice teaching tools.

62 years young Rick Gaskins practicing ground handling
with the nice 12 meters Papoose wing.

Tony Kechichian while practicing ground handling
with the small Papoose wing.

 Follow Tony's and Rick's progress the next November blog.

Steven Coffey, one of our local pilots, started traveling much for work these last months and while away, he cannot fly.  So, when he is back home, every morning that is flyable, we see him taking-off from our field.

(Picture by Catherine Dillon)

We happily ended October with Eric's birthday at a nice restaurant in Cocoa Beach, located right by the sea.

(All pictures are from Elisabeth)

 All fishes, sea food and meats were excellent.  Good ambiance and the pianist had a nice repertoire.

Eric Dufour, Rob Catto and Tod Adams (Florida)

Mike Britt, his daughter Leslie (center) and Marty Hathaway (Florida).
Paul & Katherine Dillon from Colorado
Christiane "CC" Moisan and Tod Adams.

Dan Goldbach (Florida), Danny Boone (New Mexico) and Réjane Lavoie (Montreal, Canada)
Paul Bobo learned from Eric 8 years ago and since then still enjoys flying his paramotor.  Over the years, Paul also became a friend.  That evening, he came with family:  Caleb, Paul, Aerial, Melissa and Jacob.
Tom Evers, Leslie Britt and her boyfriend Rod Ternovsky (Florida)
Eric wearing one of his gifts:  A nice Ozee flight suit ,
with Tony Kechichian and Toni's brother, Samir maranzatto, up on the right.

Jacob (left) and Danny Boone (up) both won a Paratour hat at the raffle.

Click here for more info on Paratour hats

Here is a nice picture from Jerri Hunnicutt from Georgia.  Looking closely, we can also see his friend David Jackson, flying in this beautiful September sky.
 Thanks for sharing Jerry!

A nice article about our friend Richard Weston
and Katy Lafollette, from Florida.

Click on picture to see the article on the Palm Beach Post News

Paratour now sells the nice Ozee flight suits made of high quality fabric
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The new "Master Powered Paragliding 2:  Advance Launching" by Jeff Goin, has been released:

 92 minutes

DVD: Widescreen.
Slimline Case.

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Master Powered Paragliding 2:
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Part 2 of 4 in the Master Powered Paragliding Series, where you'll go way beyond the basics of launching a paramotor.

This is the most thorough training tool for advanced paramotor launching ever compiled. Using a combination of live action and animation, it is a comprehensive tutorial to help pilots, who have already learned the basics, launch like their life depends on it. And learn new techniques to improve success is many different situations.

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These tips will help you nail a launch when it just has to work!

See Ross' new Website:

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