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St-Gedeon's Fly-In
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St-Gédéon, Québec, Canada
September 2011

This year, about 40 pilots attended this annual gathering hosted by the ParaSag, the local group of pilots.

All pictures of the fly-in are from Sebastien Theriault

The field was huge and close by an immense lake called Lac St-Jean, which Eric and Elisabeth know very well since they grew up in this area.  


  Richard Guerin told Eric how much he enjoys his Power Pluto II:

"I love my Power Pluto II for its easiness to inflate, its comfort, its stability and its comfortable piloting.  I have noticed during periods of turbulances that it was rocking me instead of jerking me around and I felt very reassured by this.".

Before flying, Monic Otis enjoyed doing some ground handling with her Power Pluto II.  Here are this little 100 lbs pilot's words:

"Here is my comment from a "paramotor elementary student" that knows how to recognize a wing that can  dance.

This is the ideal wing for pilots searching for a better compromise in performance-ease of control-speed-security.  The Axis Power Pluto II is a sporty wing of intermediate level which almost reaches a finesse of 9, but still has a very tolerant temperament in various conditions.

Soft handling, reactive, precise in turns, it is easy for me to better exploit its efficiency while keeping a good security margin.  I am doing my first steps with this wing, which gives me tremendous pleasure and soon, I will buy an other Power Pluto II 18 meters."

Serge Gélinas preparing for another flight with his SD trike.

Left & up:  Yvon Girard enjoyed his new Power Vega III received few days prior to the event.  Here are his comments on his wing:

"I tried other wings.  But when I tried the Power Pluto II, when taking off, I really felt secure.  But I wanted a wing with a bit more and I finally opted for the Power Vega III and I am very satisfied.  The wing is fast,  a wing to have fun with and fully enjoy my flights with or without wind.

Since I fly my Power Vega III, the more I know it, the more she gives me fun and I always feel safe.  It gives me confidence, it is easy to inflate and easy to fly.


Sebastien Theriault who has been flying for 2 years, came
with his wife Stephanie and they 3 boys.
Guy Amplement
A gesture often seen during our fly-ins.

Stephanie, William, Vincent & Olivier enjoying their weekend of camping.

Eric Dufour

Jacques Tremblay, one of Eric's long-time friends and classmates, tried the Power Pluto II during one of his recent trips in Florida and got hooked.  Since then, he has bought one for himself and here are his comments:

"I love my new wing.  I tried it in very hefty winds to feel how solid it was, and I was convinced. 

It is so smooth to handle, very mineable and precise.  I have a lot of fun twisting it in all directions; it gives me great pleasure.  It is so much fun to twist it around, knowing that it will not bring you bad surprises at low altitude.  Each time I take-off, its pure pleasure.  When conditions are heavy and no one wants to go up, I take out my little Power Pluto II and I treat myself to a crazy ride.  It is wonderful."

Raynald Tremblay, the SD manufacturer and Jacque's brother tried Jacques' wing and admitted that he enjoyed flying the Power Pluto II.

Eric Dufour and Raynald Tremblay, old high school friends, enjoyed the air together, just like they did so many times in the past.

Gerry Meier, a talented Canadian paramotorist. 
This guy should participate in competitions.

Louis Bernier Tried the Power Pluto II
Eric Dufour, Louis Bernier and Jacques Tremblay.

Louis' words on his flight with the Power Pluto II:

“At first I wanted to fly the Power Pluto II 23m and Eric Dufour suggested that I try the 21m.  I listened to his recommendation and I was so not disappointed. 

I did a reverse launch, As in my hands, and was most impressed by its easiness to inflate and not overfly me.  Turned around, a few steps and I was already in the air with this little agile wing. 

In flight, I loved its stability and ease of control and when accelerating it would take me higher easily.  A pure fun skimming the ground with this wing.  My landing was very soft.”

Louis in flight

A visitor ; Gratien Savard

When it became windy and everyone was on the ground, Eric did a little demo flight.

The ambiance was fun and at the Saturday dinner, people were treated with typical local dishes including a special meat pie called "tourtière" and blueberry pie.

   Gratien Savard entertained the evening with his songs.

Luc Trepanier, a nice Canadian paramotorist, that we often meet at different fly-ins in the US, France and now this one.

Yvon and Monic like paramotor so much, they decided to get married at the fly-in.

They shared the air together on Saturday, but it was raining on Sunday. 
Michel Ricard, a paramotor pilot himself, married them on Sunday, in the morning.

*The wedding pictures are from Sylvie Otis


After the ceremony, Monic back to pants and jacket, celebrating with champagne!

We say in French: "Rainy wedding; happy marriage."  This is our wish to you, Yvon & Monic.

Video of the wedding:

Is there a better way to nicely end a fly-in?

Videos of this fly-in: