Beach Blast Fly-In - May 7th to 13th 2012
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A week of paramotor, sun and sea for the pilots and their family and/or friends,
nicely organized by paramotor instructor John Black, in Panama City Beach, Florida.
(Picture by Wesley Woo)

The vendor section
(Picture by Mikey Damelio)

Those flags separated the take-off and landing zones.
(Picture by Wesley Woo)

Bud Wruck paramotor instructor in Texas

(Picture by Kristie Witchler Suffield)

(Picture by Kristie Witchler Suffield)

Pilot briefing by the big white chair
(Picture by Wesley Woo)

Rod Thernovski (former student of Eric Dufour and Floridian instructor)
heading to the take-off zone
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

Now Chad Bastian (Californian instructor)
seems as happy as a clam on a beach

(Picture by Wesley Woo)

 Some fun kiting with the nice sea breeze. 
Chad Bastian (left) and Jeff Goin with his
Power Pluto II 18 meters wing.
(Picture by Dacota Bartel)

People could volunteer to help out by putting their names on the board.
Here signing Brad Hill, instructor in Oregon.

(Picture by Leslie Britt)

The Ladies of PPG Board was an initiative by Leslie Britt
to showcase the women in our sport.

(Picture by Leslie Britt)

Pascal Campbell Jones & Paco Guerra Moyano do not seem
to complain about the flying conditions.
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

Paco Guerra Moyano, Eric Dufour and
Pascal Campbell Jones relaxing on the beach
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Paco Guerra Moyano from Spain, Rod Thernovski from Florida,
Eric Dufour and Eduardo Raposo from New York.
(Picture by Elisabeth Guerin)

Jim Brenner from Florida, former student of Eric Dufour, enjoyed this fly-in
for the second time with his Power Pluto II wing.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Air traffic controller (Floridian pilot), Leslie Britt, in action.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Rob Catto (Floridian pilot) supervising the launch area.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

During strong windy conditions,
only the experienced pilots were permitted to fly.
 (Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Rod Thernovski, Marc Mourre from Quebec, Canada,
and Leslie Britt enjoying the reunion.
(Picture f
rom Leslie's camera)

Lance Marczak from Illinois, Eric Dufour, Marty Hathaway,
Tom Evers and Rob Catto, all from Florida
(Picture by Elisabeth Guerin)

Tom Evers, Rob Catto and Steve Coffey watching the action.
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

Some Florida pilots could not resist having their picture
taken with Miss Beach Blast 2012.
From Left to right first row:  Rob Catto, Miss Beach Blast & Tim Gaskins
Second row:  Steve Coffey and Marty Hathaway

(From Marty Hathaway's camera)

Wesley Woo, pilot from Illinois, is all smile beside Miss Beach Blast ---->
(Picture from Marty Hathaway)


From Quebec, Canada:  Jacques Halle, Guy Ampleman and Luc Trepanier posing with French champion Pascal Vallee (second from the left).

Luc Trepanier, Elisabeth Guerin & Eric Dufour

One of the nice things about all major fly-ins in Canada, the US and in France, is that we will sure meet Luc, who always attend those.

This year, Chad Bastian won the ground Handling contest. 
(Picture by Luis Ruiz Garcia)

Steve & Sherry Coffey rented a nice condo
for the week with some pilots. 
Here on their balcony on the 9th floor, right in front of the fly-in area:
Jim Davis, Tim Gaskins, Sheri Coffey, Rob Catto
and Steve Coffey, all from Florida.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

The pros who did a show during the Saturday afternoon
From Left to right:  Jeff Goin (Illinois), Ryan Shaw (Arizona), Eric Dufour, John Black (Florida), Unknown pilot (please let us know his name), Michel Carnet (England), Pavel Brezina (Czech Republic) and Paco Guerra Morilla (Spain). 
Sat in the center:  Pascal Vallee (France).
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

Will Jones author of Talking PPG Radio
(Picture by Wesley Woo)

From Left to right:  Javier Casaudomeck (Florida), Luis Ruiz Garcia
(Porto Rico instructor), Alex Suza (Florida), not known pilot,
ose Casaudomeck (Florida -  he and his brother Javier are American
Sky Products importers) and Jose Diaz (Porto Rico).
On his knees, Mauricio Rendon (Florida)
(Picture by Luis Ruiz Garcia)

As a PPG gentleman, Eric Dufour is always ready to help women with
mechanical issues.  Here he is helping Maren Ludwig
(instructor in Oregon) with a small problem quickly solved.
(Picture by Brad Hill, Maren's husband)

Photo de Luis Ruiz Garcia

Eric prepares to fly
From left to right:  Tim Gaskins, Eric Dufour and Steve Coffey
(Picture by Wesley Woo)

Eric Dufour enjoys his light and powerful Titanium Ultra paramotor.
(Picture b
y Marty Hathaway)

Eric Dufour flying the eagle Elisabeth Guerin made.

(Picture by Marty Hathaway)
The first Eagle public appearance

Lance Marczak from Illinois, flying the eagle.
(Picture by Jeff Goin)

This eagle is based on a custom black Stardust wing from Axis.  Elisabeth chose this wing because it is a beginner glider with high passive safety and it inflates very easily.  Also, the big cells allow to make bigger head, body and tail.

Once the Stardust has been modified as an eagle, the head and the tail slow down a bit the speed because of the drag they produce.  But it still inflates and flies well.  

 The pilots who flew this eagle at the fly-in did not have any problem to inflate it and they did some moderate wingovers and light spirals.  

Some had fun doing big ears - releasing slowly the tips
to make it look like flapping the wings.

Here, John Black doing big ears.

(Picture by Dakota Bartel)

John Black taking-off.
(Picture by Dakota Bartel)

Elisabeth Guerin had the privilege to learn
to make special shape birds
from the master in special shape for paragliders:  Polish Boguslaw Pelczar. 

Other than Elisabeth's bald eagle, any other
special shape paraglider you have seen
has  most probably been made by Boguslaw.

Boguslaw Pelcza's Website:
Beach Blast 2012 video edited by Ed Carter:

David Jackson's Video of the eagle at Beach Blast:

A nice Paramania dinner on Friday:
From Left to right:  Jack Kimble (Florida), Elisabeth Guerin & Eric Dufour,
Paco Guerra Moyano (Spain) Bobby Benn (Florida - American Paramania importer, Pascal Campbell Jones (France), Glenn Tupper (Colorado)
and Theron McCollough (France).

Glenn Tupper about to take-off.  Here with Theron McCollough on the right.
(Picture by Wesley Woo)

Tim Gaskins (from Georgia) ready to fly away.
(Picture by Wesley Woo)

Jiri Sindler, instructor in St-Louis, MO, with girlfriend Halyna
(Picture by Wesley Woo)

Alex Donaghi (from Colorado and greatly implied in the organization of this fly-in) chating with a nice couple of PPG pilots from Michigan:  Phil and Cindy Adkinson.

French champion Pascal Vallee
(Picture by Wesley Woo)

A nice picture by Pascal Vallee

PPG for Morron video "Want a ride?"
(Edited by Paul Antem)

Paco Guerra Moyano's demo flight the Satruday afternoon:

Chris Santacroce (Instructor in Utah) did an excellent show during the event.
(Picture from Dakota Bartel)

The Nirvana team did also put a great show.
(Picture by Melins Joslin)
Yanking and Banking at Beach Blast 2012
Video from Glenn Tupper:
Video from Kmanbig1:

The making of a soon to come PPG for Morron video.
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

Paul showing the special paramotor he made for this soon to come video.

Pavel Brezina (from Czech Republic and Nirvana manufacturer) had a great time with Paul Anthem during the making of this video.
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

The making of another PPG for Morron video: "Grandma stole my paramotor".

(Picture by Leslie Britt)
"Grandma stole my paramotor":
(Edited byPaul Anthem)

Paul Anthem filmed another video during this fly-in.  Here is
"Mes amis francais et paramoteur extraordinaire",
featuring Pascal Vallee andLuc Trepanier
PPG Morron - Paul Anthem's video:

Another PPG Morron on the way
(Picture received from Paul Anthem)

The Saturday night dinner
(Picture by Mauricio Rendon)

All you need is a balloon to entertain the Bad Apples' table.
From Left to down:  Dell Miller, Eric Dufour & Elisabeth Guerin, Mr. & Mrs Worth McDaniel, Lyn Malbury, Bruce Erion, Gary Oosthuizen, Tim Gaskins and CC Moisan.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Bruce Brown, instructor in Ohio chatting with Andy McAvin
instructor in Texas and MacPara importer.
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

Marty Hathaway just about to go up.
(Picture by Melina Joslin)

Those sunset flights are hard to beat.
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

Picture by Glen Tupper
PPG Talking Radio Part 1:

PPG Talking Radio Part 2:

Video from Paramotorish:

Video edited by Pascal Campbell Jones:


Pictures of the event at,
Dacoda Bartel's Website, who is this year's Beach Blast official photographer.


Marty Hathaway's pictures


Glenn Tupper's picturs

Melina Joslin's pictures

Leslie Britt's pictures


Wesley Woo's pictures



*Special thought to Glenn Tupper whoo is in

Afghanistan while writing this blog page.