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Glider Shop

At AEF, the Chameleon's Manufacturer

Version en francais

The digital Cameleon throttles is designed for Ultralight motors as well as RC motors.

- Totally adjustable to be in sink with the different fonctions needed;
- Comes with a cruise control which is very easy and adjustable to use.

Sold in over 30 countries, and here is the shop where they are done, on the outskirts of Paris.

A trophy of the Chameleon, picked up at the  "Étoiles du Design Français” in 2010.

A sculpture done by the manufacturer’s wife can be found in the shop.

Gerard Lesieux
Now 52 years old, Gerard Lesieux, the inventor of the Chameleon, is interested in everything that flies since childhood. 

He flies ULM Delta trike since 1980, Hanglider since 1985, paraglider since 1990 and paramotor since 2003.

Having observed that the only muscle available when both hands are occupied steering a machine, is the index finger, 15 years ago, Lesieux had the idea of a digital throttle.

He created and leaded AEF DESIGN during the past 20 years and sold it to create AEF Gliders.  His first company designs, creates and manufactures industrial equipment, which explains the exceptional design of the Chameleon and other flying machines of the range.  He made the first prototype 5 years ago and he has been perfecting the design during the last 2 years.

There were 10 versions and 7 completed prototypes.  The research, design and industrial tooling for the Chameleon cost... 70 K Euros.

Lesieux called this throttle system "Chameleon", because it fits to everything; ULM, motorized Hang glider, paramotor and it will soon be adapted in prosthesis for disabled persons, as well as Go-kart, wheelchair, etc.

Gerard Lesieux, designer and manufacturer of the Chameleon,
is a very sympathetic guy.  He is serious and offers us an
exceptional support so we may offer an excellent service.

The study desk where many industrial ideas come to life.

Conception done in 3-D using Solid Works.

The assembly line for the Chameleons, or Ultralights,
as well as other industrial products.

Thirty years of stocking up on screws and small parts now impossible to find.
A treasure cove for Gerard Lesieux!

The resin lab, for prototypes, silicone molding and polyurethane.
Seven prototypes were done before launching the Cameleon, version 1.

The hoistis used for calibrating the flying machines and for resistance tests.


Manual milling machine.

Metal lathe

Cutting, machining and polishing of the parts.

Preparation of the Cameleon sheaths.

Gérard welding the Cameleon switches.

Polyamide injections just received from their supplier.

Cruise control injections.

The complete kit before assembly: more than 25 parts to assemble.

The gluing of the Plyamide needs a surface preparation and special glue.

One step before final assembly.

Final assembly of the Chameleon

Each Chameleon is individually tested and calibrated.

The Chameleons ready to be packaged under the blister.

Léo Lésieux, 20 years old, works with his father at the shop.

Stapling of the blisters.

Chameleons ready for shipment throughout the world.
Paratour is selling the Chameleon

Manufactured by AEF copyright and international patents pending