Visit at lines manufacturer Cousin in France - June 2012
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Located in the
North of France, Cousin Trestec since 1848 has specialized in the manufacture of ropes and textile braids.

competancy this compagny developed through a clientele from various fields such as industry, offshore, lifting, handling, automotive as well as boating, climbing, paragliding, etc ...

To improve comfort, safety and performance, Cousin Trestec uses the best materials available on the market: high tenacity polyester and polyamide, Technora ®, Kevlar ® and other Twaron ®, Dyneema ®, Spectra ®, Vectran ® or recent PBO ®.

Benefiting from the know-how and expertise of the group and its subsidiaries (Cousin Composites, Major Sport - Tecnifibre) Cousin Trestec is a reference in the rope market.

The huge complex of buildings of Cousin Trestec.

We have been kindly received by Pierre Lewille, the commercial director who works for Cousin Trestec for 30 years.

One of the first things we noticed, was the size of all those
buildings and all the machineries and devices.

Mr. Lewille took the time to show us all the machineries and devices used in the
manufacturing of paraglider lines and generously answered all our questions.

He explained us the processes of fabrication and all the details involved. 

We learned much on paraglider lines, their fibers,etc.

La teinte


Le tressage

A folding device

A quality control is made on every spool before being released
on the market, and here are some that did not pass.

On each spool that did not pass quality control, there is a
sticker describing the reason.  On this one it was written that
there was a problem with the color.

During our visit, we went from a building to another,
visiting the ones concerning paraglider lines

Ici, en direction du laboratoire de contrôle,
où des tests sont effectués sur les suspentes et les cordes. 


Here with the technicians who explained us the different testings

Stretch tests

Another stretch test device

Folding/twisting tests

Temperatures tests

Fraying testing

Progression of the fraying test over sand blast paper while we were there

More on the progression

The line resistance tester
It will be noted at how many kilos the tested line will brake.

This well calibrated device progressively pulls on the line until it brakes.

Close upon the lines resistance tester device made
for paraglider lines and small diameter ropes.

Resistance testing device made for ropes with a bigger diameter

The noise was impressive when the rope broke.

Many thanks to Pierre Lewille for this very interesting and informative visit!