Paratour - Happy
April 2012
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Greg Landwirth, from Florida, during his training with Eric Dufour,
which he completed with 43 flights

Patrick Yam from British Columbia, Canada, getting ready for another take-off. 
He ended up his training with 50 flights 

Another ground handling session, which often gets
competitive and fun for the students.
Front to back:  Danny Goldbach, Rick Gaskins and Greg Landwirth,
all three from Florida.

Carl Apodaka, our friend from Albuquerque, New Mexico and also an
experienced pilot,  came to visit us and also test flight the Power Pluto II
He liked it and brought one back home.

A good relaxing time after the evening debriefing.
Left to right:  Greg Landwirth, Patrick Yam, Danny Goldbach,
Eric Dufour and Carl Apodaka.

Yvon Girand and wife Monic Otis, from Quebec, Canada, came at our place for a PPG trip.  

Yvon, on the parabarge, ready for nice & warm flight in smooth air.
(Picture by Monic Otis)

An April picture from Marty Hathaway

Monic Otis, Eric Dufour and Greg Landwirth
(Picture by Yvon girard)

Monic Otis ready to fly the river with her 18 meter Power Pluto II.

Yvon Girard enjoys his Power Vega III wing.
--->See his testimonial<---

While here, he tried the Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor and liked it so much
that he ordered one before going back home.

Time for a breakfast pit stop after the morning flights.

Monic, Eric and Yvon in one of the trailers we have for visitors and students.

(Picture by Elisabeth Guerin)

Our usual Saturday night dinner with the gang reminiscing on the days' flights.

From left to right:  Yvon Girard, Tony Kechichian, Mike Britt

and Eric Dufour modeling their Paratour t-shirts.

Ooops, Danny!  Did Casey Lou steal your meal?

This is what awaited Yvon & Monic upon  returning back home.  
Hey Monic!:  Wait a few more weeks before wearing your Florida cloths again!

Moinic & Yvon edited this video of their PPG trip here:

Bubba Peters, an experienced pilot from Colorado,
posing with his new Paratour T-shirt.

These other ones who fly:


One morning, we had the nice visit of Joe Pires at the river.

(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Eric and Joe

(Picture by Marty Hathaway)
Paramotor in Prince Edward Island, Canada:
(Edited by Mike Arsenault)


Tim Gaskins edited this video on his brother Mark, who recently
took his training with Eric Dufour. 
Mark is the 4th brother of the Gaskins family who flies a paramotor:

Eric test flies the Elisabeth made Eagle Wing.
(Pictures by Christiane "CC" Moisan)

Axel Charles-Messance, a professsional reporter and paramotor pilot, came back for another visit at our place. 
He was also there during one of Eric's test flight of  the Eagle.

Here is a video he edited video of his April time with us:

Casey Lou wonders what Marty Hathaway does with the not so
inflated plastic gator for gator tipping practice.

Brian Anderson, from Florida, will soon complete his first year of flights. 
He is still very happy with his Power Pluto II wing and
 Titanium Ultra Moster
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Mike Saffold, from Florida, is now a confirmed pilot.
We wish you many great flights Mike!

(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Steve Coffey on landing with his Wine color Power Pluto II wing.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

(Picture by Marty Hathaway)
Tom Evers from Florida


Toms PPG Mini Me
--->More info on these miniature paramotors<---

Tom spent a week in Kuwait for work. 

He took the opportunity to meet with paramotor PPG pilots there.
Left to right:
Muhammad Alkandiri, Bashar Al dhaferi,
Alenesi and Tom Evers

The best time to fly there is from November to February.  This is a little cold, but the winds are stable, which this is the most important.  They welcome anyone who would like like to fly, either as a pilot, or a tandem passenger.

For more information, y
ou can contact Sultan Alenesi :

Flying over the Roche-Guyon, in Val d'Oise, France:
(Edited by French PPG pilot Gerard Pouillot)

Scott Clark's last visit at our place. 
Unfortunately, a couple weeks after his visit, Scott died in a
plane crash, during a check ride.
Scott was a PPG and plane pilot from Illinois. 
We lost a great guy in our PPG community.  
Our condolences to his family and friends.  RIP. 

--->More info here<---

Charlie Knight, an experienced paragliding pilot, came for training
to switch to motor flights.  The day after, he left with 17 flights.

Paul Anthem PPG Chase Cam:

Symphony of Flight
(Edited by Paul Anthem)

Steve Durgins took this picture of Derrick Davidson while fying the Tampa area.
East Coast PPG Group at Seaside, Enjoying the Day:
(Edited by PPG pilot James Holt, from Connecticut)

FRF Paramotor Squadron Episode 4 from Drifto on Vimeo:

The pilots over at the FRF Paramotor Squadron have cooked up Episode 4. With new scenes and even better action. Enjoy my friends ;). Pilots: Nathan "Drifto" Finneman, Mike "Rocket Man" Bennett, Chris G Rush" Montes, Robert Kittila, and Marek Kozlowski. Filmed by: Nikie St.Jean; Edited by: Nathan "Drifto" Finneman.

PPG flight over colorful New Mexico's Ojito Wilderness
(Edited by Barak Nadan)

Derrick Davidson
enjoying his new GTR and pylon.
(Picture by Melina Goslin)

Steve Durgins
trying the GTR

(Picture by Melina Goslin)

GT Action from Tim Gaskins on Vimeo.

French pilot Laurent Salinas SAT GTR 18:

Paramania Video on the GTR 20 meters:
(Edited by Kruak)


Alien Sky from bohdan philippa on Vimeo.

Going the Distance - What Others Don't See - Powered Paragliding Fun
(Edited by Jared Leisek)

Flight in St-Blancard, France:
Edited by Christophe Chappet


Who likes more his paramotor than theis pilot?

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