Paratour - Happy
February 2012
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Flight preparation at the St John river
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)


Tom Evers on landing with his new Power Pluto II
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

David Ingersoll on landing with his Escape glider
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Picture of the St John river by Jim Brenner

John De Paul, from Pennsylvania, during training.  

Up:  John is concentrated on the simulator.
Right:  Learning ground handling with the nice 12 meters Papoose wing.

John's first solo flight

A first successful solo followed by some others. 
John had to leave after few days and is scheduled to
complete his training next month.

We celebrated
John's solo at the shop:
John de Paul, CC Moisan, Eric Dufour, David Ingersoll and Glen Boyd  
(Picture by Elisabeth)

Then at the sushi restaurant for more celebration
Left:  CC, Eric & Elisabeth
Right: John Phil, Mike & Glen

Eric & Elisabeth with Max and Jaclyn

Max Ng Phong from Singapore, came to get his instructor training with Eric.


Theory during training:
Max Ng Phong and Paul Bobo, both here for their instructor training,
and John De Paul and John Rogers, both for their pilot training.

At the river:
Front:  Brian Anderson and John De Paul
Back:  Jacklyn & Max Ng Phong and Eric Dufour

From Right:  Bobby Benn, John De Paul, CC Moisan, Elisabeth Guerin,
Jaclyn & Max Ng Phong and Eric Dufour

Dinner at Macaroni Grill restaurant before John's
and Max & Jaclyn's departure.

Mark Anzil, a former student of Eric from Florida,
gave us his concept for a paramotor T-shirt
with the motor on your back. 

We loved it and we now offer this version of T-shirt logo on the back 
Of course, Mark has been the first one to be sent this T-shirt.
We now offer these two models of T-shirts, excellent quality.

50 Cotton/50% Polyester (White or Ash)
100% Polyester (White)

-->More info on T-shirts<--

Paratour has now 4 pylons

Fun video:  PG, or PPG?


(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Michael Saffold did a good job on ground handling
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Michael Saffold from Florida, just started his training with Eric. 

He enjoyed his tow flights
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Eric & Mike
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Chris Lee from Missouri, sent us his wing for inspection
and came to pick it up during a trip to Florida. 
He took the opportunity to fly it at the river with us.

(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

We had another nice visit from the Bad Apples
members from the Georgia chapter. 
From right:  Brandon Shane BA #19, Eric Dufour BA #20,
Tim Gaskins BA #17, Dell Miller, BA #21, David Ingersoll BA #8,
Lyn Malburay BA #7, & Worth McDaniel BA #5.

The Bad Apples guys, on the parabarge,
en route for some good flights at the river.

Tim Gaskins (white & red Power Pluto) ,
Dell Miller (blue & orange Power Pluto II)
and David Ingersoll (Escape).
(Pcture by Chris Lee)

Dell told us again how much he likes his Power Pluto II wing
and his Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor.
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

PPG pilots and identical twins, Bob & Tim Gaskins
with Bob's daughter and grand kids

Eric Dufour - A little table dance
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Tim Gaskins & Eric Dufour
(Picture by Bob Gaskins)

While Dell Miller prepares the video camera, Tim Gaskins is helping Eric to get strapped on this Ultra 130 for a backward flight.
(Picture by Bob Gaskins)

Water foot drag - Eric Dufour
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Dell filming Eric in action
(Picture by Bob Gaskins)
Video of Eric's backward flight:
(Edited by Tim Gaskins)


Mike Britt
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Elisabeth & CC taking a picture of Tim Gaskins taking a picture of them

Phil Beans (Mike Britt's father in law) stays young by joining us
at the river and at our group dinners.
He also enjoys flying with Eric in the XCitor. 
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Worth McDaniel chatting with Elisabeth in our glider shop.
As a good pilot, he makes sure not stepping on the lines. 

From right:  Brandon Shane, Dell Milller, Michael Safold, Chris Lee,
CC Moisan, Lyn Malbury and Eric Dufour
(Picture by Elisabeth)

David Ingersoll's typical smile after another good flight.

Video on the Bad Apples' flights at the river during their February visit:
(Edited by Tim Gaskins)

Video of a fight in the XCitor from the St John's river to the glider shop field:


Video of the 2012 Las Candelas Competitions:


Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Las Candelas comps!
1st place:  Alexandre Mateos (France)
2nd place:  Paco Guerra (Spain)
3rd place:  Pascal Vallee (France) 

(Picture received in an e-mail from Pierre Dabreteau
on the French PPG forum "France Paramoteur")

This year again Valkaria Airport (in Florida) held its annual Airfest.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Tim Gaskins took numerous pictures during the Airfest.
Nice hat Tim!
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

This year again, Scott Adair (instructor) was in charge of
the paramotor group during the event.
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Max Ahlgreen (right), one of Eric's former students, Eric (center)
and Don Jordan, instructor.
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

The Bad Apples corner.
From the right, Rick Gaskins, Dell Miller, Brandon Shane, Lyn Malburay,
Tony Kachichian and Bobby Gaskins

(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Dell Miller
Mike Britt on landing with his GT glider. 
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Dell Miller
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Dell Miller
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Nelson Cummings enjoys his Power Vega II
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Eric had fun doing dead center time after time.
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

But Steve Coffey decided to grab the target instead.
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

Steve Coffey brining the Target with him.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Marty Hathaway enjoying the air with his brand new GT wing.
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

What a nice fly-in that was!
Vidoe on the Valkaria Airfest:
(Édited by Tim Gaskins)

-->More pictures of the Valkaria Airfest on Marty Hathaway's Picassa album<-- 

-->Marty Hathaway's February pictures & more<-- 

Ci bas:

Sebastien Cayer from Montreal, Canada, is spending this winter in Chili,
where he started a paramotor tandem business operation. 

Sebastien learned to fly a paramotor from Eric 10 years ago
and became a good friend over the years.
Flying in South Florida
(Edited by Chris Lee)

Sebastien chose the SD Mini Max tandem version (of course!) to suit his goal.


Flying over beautiful sceneries and getting paid for that.

That's the way to go!
Video of the 2012 Arizona Flying Circus :
(Edited by Matt)

Paramotor cross country flight from
Istanbul (Turkey) to Igneda (Bulgaria border):

Salton Sea Fly-in, California
(Picture by Wesley Woo)

Salton Sea Fly-in, California
(Picture by Wesley Woo)

Video of the 2012 Salton Sea fly-in:
(Edited by Tim Dougherty)
Another video on the 2012 Salton Sea fly-in:
(Edited by Luis Padon, from Puerto Rico)


Flying the Glamis sand dunes, which are an hour away from Salton Sea:
(Edited by Barak Naggan)

Brightling Sea and the Essex
Coast (England) in February:
(Edited by Stu Smith)

We had the nice visit of Serge Tremblay from Montreal, Canada.
He and Eric are close friends since over 40 years and they used to skydive
and play pool together for over 20 years.
Serge enjoyed his ride in the XCitor with Eric dirung his stay.

Frank Savignac, instructor in New Brunswick, Canada, came back here with his wife Johanne, to spend some more months under the nice Florida weather.
He to is a pool player and joined Serge and Eric for good games. 

Serge appreciated the relax and friendly
ambiance of our traditional Saturday dinners.

This Chilli Beans wing we prepared will be flying in Brazil.

--> More details on our Glider Tatoos<--

Yvon Girard from Quebec, Canada, edited these 2 following videos:
Monique Otis, his wife, who started to fly a paramotor less than
a year ago.  This small 100 lbs pilot flies an 18 meters  Power Pluto II:

Axis pilots in Yvon's area (take-offs):

Paramania Trimmer Information:


John Holmes from Illinois, came to pick up his
Titanium Ultra 130 and Revo glider during a Florida trip with his wife.

John is currently training with another instructor.
Eric explained him the way the trims work
and brought him to the river to kite his Revo.

Then, Eric test flew John's paramotor and wing before he left.

Touch & Goes on Ice & Snow:
(Edited by Mark Dean from New Brunswick, Canada)

GTR in the Maritimes, Canada:
(Edited by Mark Dean from New Brunswick, Canada)

Friends Max Bochenko (left) & Ben Kovalenko (right),
both from Florida, train during weekend days.

Max completed his course with 50 flights
and Ben, who only has 18 flights, is still on training.

After his flight # 35, Max flew on his own
and here is the video of his first flight:

Another video of Max's flight at home:

Eric Boat landing:
(Edited by Max Bochenko)


Tim Malone from Halifax, Canada, trained with Eric.
He chose a Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor with a Power Pluto II wing. 

Ground handling with the nice Papoose 12 meters wing when very windy.

 During his training, Tim seemed liking every tasks he did, may it be his tandem flight with Eric, ground handling, tow flights, simulator,
mechanical and theory courses...
and of course, every single solo flight he did. 

While writing these lines, Tim has 52 flights and his training is not over.

A young boy named Eric learning to ground handle:
(Edited by Christian Koschutnig)

Found on Hector Martin's FaceBook wall:


Clouds can tell us when it is good for flying and when it is not.

Can you read this one?

A word from Mike Steen (, who is a paramotor and paraglider pilot, skydiver and base jumper:

"We have finally put the finishing touches on Birdmen, our documentary film on Wingsuit flying. The trailer is online and we are actively selling the film worldwide, so you won't have to wait too long to watch it on a monitor or TV near you.  Below is the trailer, enjoy!"


More activities to report in our March blog, including our presence at the Palm Bay fly-in, in Florida.

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