Paratour - Happy
March 2012
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Early morning at the St John's river, unloading the two parabarges.

Getting ready for take-off after the morning fog lifted off.

CC prepares for another trike flight.

Elisabeth Guerin almost ready to get some good air
with her Power Pluto II wing and Kangook trike
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Most of the time, Brian Scott flies with his helmet camera.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Rob Catto taking-off with his Power Pluto wing
(Picture by Johanne Savignac)

David Ingersol enjoying another great morning with his Escape wing
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Brian Scott is a paramotor pilot, a skydiver, a base jumper
and a professional videographer.

One of Brian Scott's nice PPG videos:

CC appreciates her combination of Power Pluto II  and SD MiniMax Trike
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Brent Cook learned with Eric over a year ago. 
Here, enjoying the air with his Power Pluto II, Kangook paramotor
and flying friends.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Time to go back up again for Elisabeth
(Pictures by Johanne Savignac)

Steve Coffey on the left with his new Power Pluto II (his 2nd one), Jim Brenner on the right and Mike Britt in front of the formation.

(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Lets go for a X-country!
Mike Britt, Steve Coffey, Frank Savignac, Jim Brenner,
Nick Cullisson & Rob Catto.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Steve Coffey, from Florida, learned from Eric Dufour 3 years ago
and has now logged over 700 flights. 

(Picture by Johanne Savignac)
Flying near Chichester, UK:
(Taken from Seymorehick's channel on Youtube)


A group of pilots from Montreal, Canada, came for a visit
during their paramotor trip in Florida.

Unloading the parabarge.

Family picture after good and warm flights

Yves helped Eric installing a winch for our line breakage system.
Why not another family picture after the good work?
From left to right:  Alain Rocheleau, Gilbert Cook, Serge Goyette, Chjristiane CC Moisan, Eric Dufour & Yves lagacé.
(Picture by Elisabeth Guerin)
 A toast while eating a tasty paella cooked by Serge
and served at the glider shop.

Dinner at Macaroni Grill restaurant to celebrate Elisabeth's birthday:
Serge Goyette, Alain Rocheleau, Réjane & Benoit Lavoie, Chjristiane CC Moisan, Gilbert Cook, Élisabeth & Eric Dufour, Guy Boulet & Yves lagacé.

Serge edited these video on this Florida PPG trip:

Video from Guy Boulet about his visit at our place:

We all had great moments while other Canadian pilots
had also a good time in Quebec, Canada.
March in Quebec for the next 3 videos :

Flying in Saguenay
(Edited by Yvon Girard)

March 20th engine out in Quebec, Canada
Edited by Michel Ricard:



Flying Paramoteur St-Gedeon Lac St-jean
(Edited by Stephane coté)


Eric enjoying his new GTR wings 18 and 20 meters.
(Picture by Frank Savignac)
(Picture by Frank Savignac)

Some water skiing.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

... and another little table dance.
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)


Frank Savignac, instructor in New Brunswick, Canada,
tried one of Eric's GTR .
Powered Paragliding Play:
Jeff Goin's video:

En route for other flights at the St John's river.
From left to right:  Tom Evers, Mike Britt, Rob Catto and Jim Brenner.
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Mike Britt
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Mike Britt is a paramotor pilot since 2004.

Jim Brenner Learned from Eric Dufour 2 years ago.

Jeff Hamann's new toy:
A bat wing made by Boguslaw Pelszar,
the master for special shape paragliders.

Boguslaw made this manta ray that also belongs to Jeff Hamann:


And this Monarch:
(Edited by Thomas Leeman)

If you feel like an airboat ride on the St John river,
the Midway airboat guys offer nice rides

Mark Gaskins just started his training.
He is the the fourth one of the Gaskins family to fly a paramotor. 

The Gaskins brothers (Tim, Rick and Mark) surrounding Eric Dufour (Brother Bob Gaskins was missing that day).

Mark Gaskins, 64 years young,  working well on ground handling.

Mark's first solo flight. 

A picture worth a thoudand words.

Tim Gaskins and Marty Hathaway on the paraparge.

Tim Gaskin's video of another nice visit of some of
the Georgia chapter of the Bad Apples:

And in France:

Speed riding Christophe Charon with son Thomas Charon (8 years old), Mathieu (13 ans),  Michel & Marie Touitou with daughter Naëlle (9 years old) and all the ATAKA teamwith Courantd'Ailes, Touit'air,

There is always a debriefing at the end of the day.

A class debriefing with Mark Gaskins,
Paul Bobo (during his instructor training) and Mike Saffold.

During another class:

Tim Malone from New Scotia, Canada,
who ended his training with 52 flights,
visiting pilot Mariusz Grazina, from Ontario, Canada,
David Trahan from Massachussetts,
Taylor Boyd from Texas and Mark Gaskins from Florida.  
En route for some more training:

<-----Center:  Taylor Boyd, 62 years young.
Left to right:  David Trahan, Ben Kovalenko, Max Bochenko,
Tony Kachichian
, Tim Malone and Michael Saffold.
(Picture by Eric Dufour)

Mike Saffold came with his family on a Sunday morning training. 
The kids were happy to see daddy flying.  

Michael Saffold ended his training with 50 flights.

*Note that each flight implies a take-off, a landing with
the glider on the ground, and not a touch & go.

Michael edited a video of his training:

Michel Proulx, from Montreal learned from Eric 3 years ago. 
Since then, he comes for a visit few times a year. 

One of our traditional Saturday dinners
(pictures by Elisabeth)

On the right:  Mariusz Debiki who came for their
now traditional PPG week vacation duringspring break.

Eric Dufour, Marty Hathaway and Frank Savignac

Eric gives a Paratour hat to Taylor Boyd & David Trahan
who just finished their training. 

Now paramotor pilots:  Taylor Boyd from Texas & David Trahan from Massachusetts.

David Trahan's video:  Training - Day 1 & 2 :

David Trahan's video:  Training - Day 3 & 4 :


This time, Michel Proulx came visiting with this daughter, son and niece.  He flew every morning and spent the rest of the day visiting with them.

During this visit, they all 3 wanted to fly tandem with Eric.
Michel Proulx's daughter

...his son

...  and his niece.

Mariusz and Michael had some pool games at our place.

A nice dinner with (from left):
Michael Debiki, his father Mariusz, Johanne & Frank Savignac,
Eric & Elisabeth

(Picture by Elisabeth Guerin)

Time to learn about mechanic maintenance
Left to right:  Eric and student David Trahan and Marc Mourres from Quebec, Canada, in the background.

Marc Mourres learned from Eric and the Paramotion guys from Montreal, Canada, in 2002.  Since then, he always enjoyed the air with his paramotor and come for a visit at least once a year. 

This time, he came with his son Leo, who wanted to solo with Eric.


Leo Mourres during the theory course.

In the simulator

Leo did nice tow flights.
Unfortunately, we do not have a picture of his solo flight, but he did well.

  Gordon Perry, from Florida, who is one of the oldest foot launchers in the US, came to Eric for mecanic repair.

George Huntsman, from Florida, is just about to do
his very first solo flight.  


George ended up his training with 31 flight and since then, he regularely flies with our local group of pilots.

Ron Thiessen, our daughter's favorite teacher at Concordia University, came to visit us with his lovely wife Maryz.  
We enjoyed their company and Eric offered them a tandem ride in the XCitor, which they both loved.

National Italian Fly Games

Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to Ryan Shaw, national US champion,
for his two world records!:

- Speed over a straight course 15/25km
- 50km closed course

Rick Tuliano, from Connecticut,  really enjoys his new Power Vega III.

Rick Tuliano

Frank Savignac is a paramotor instructor in New Brunswick, Canada,
since he retired from the army.

Frank Savignac has many different flying toys:
A Power Pluto and an Action GT wing, a Miniplane paramotor,
a Fly Eco trike, and a plane.
Up, flying with his Power Pluto and Miniplane at our field.

Frank Savignac and his wife Johanne come to see us with their motorhome  during the cold winter months.
Up:  Frank playing guitar with David Ingersol
after a nice morning flight together.
(Picture by Johanne Savignac)

Rick, from New Brunswick, Canada,
came with us for a good flight at the river.

(Picture by Frank Savignac)

Eric, Hank Vause, from Georgia, and Mark Gaskins, from Florida

Hank, who recently had an accident with his paramotor, sent his wing to Elisabeth for a repair and came to pick it us
the day Eric was test flying it. 

He enjoyed seeing his glider flying well again and also his ride at the river. 
It has been nice for us to meet Hank for the first time.

(Picture by Christiane CC Moisan)

Eric Dufour test flying Hank's paraglider after repair.

Beautiful PPG sunset pictures by Melina Joslin.

-->See her new pictures Website<--

Elisabeth and CC having their birthday few days apart.
This year, they have been celebrated together at Kioto Japanese Steak House.

(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

We had a nice evening, sat around our two tables placed in front of each other.
Left to right:  Eric & Elisabeth, Benoit & Rejane Lavoie, from Montreal, CC,
Guy Boulet, from Montreal, and one of Paul Bobo's sons.
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)

From Left to right:  Marty Hathaway, Rod Ternovsky and his daughter.
Leslie Britt, Mike her father, and Phil Benes, her grand father.
(Picture by Tim Gaskins)
Jeff Goin's review on the new GTR from Paramania

Marty Hathaway's March pictures & more