Paratour - Happy
May 2012 - Part 2
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Kirk Moser from New Mexico, came training with Eric Dufour 3 years ago and PPG changed his life...  for the best:  Right after his training was completed, he met Sue, who was herself a PPG pilot.  Ever since, they fly together as much as they can

They even got married in a PPG wedding that we would not have missed for anything in the world.

How nice having them here with us again!  They came with their RV towing a trailer with 2 Green Eagle trikes and 1 PPG trike. 

Fully equipped to stay happy!

Axel Charles-Messance, free lance reporter,
started to fly a paramotor in 1989! 

It was of course nice for us to have this gentleman with us again. 
This time, he brought his
drome from which he can gets great images.

Glen Myatt, from Mississippi and a former student of Eric,
came to say hi during a short trip to Florida
Here with Greg Landwirth and Eric, all happy Ultra owners.

Few minutes later, Glen was proudly wearing his new Paratour T-shirt.

Picture found on the Net.

Do you want your own Mini Me PPG?

Send Jaqueline Rangel a picture of you, one of your wing
-->More info to get yours<--

We found these 2 pictures on the Net.  We do not know who these kids are, but we can figure out that they want to imitate daddy.

But we know who this 3 year old Canadian kid is:  His name Damien Rouault
and his father is one of the 2 Kangook
manufacturers and also a paramotor instructor.
Damien is very interested in flying a paramotor. 
A story to follow...


Fly alongside Rob Whittall as he soars above New Zealand's West Coast with his Paramotor, in search of a little soul satisfaction. White Cloud Productions NZ joined forces with Rob to capture stunning images of Raglan and the surrounding area...presenting Surreal Perspectives.
White Cloud Productions NZ:

Wimereux fly-in in Fance
Conceptulm editing:

"The Stars, planets and moons were all aligned for us (literally).

A group of pilots launched from the Route 66 club field near Albuquerque,
NM and flew during the eclipse.  With a little bit of direction and a radio
we were able to create some once in a decade magic".

Text and video from Barak Naggan:
Wimereux 2012 fly-in in France:
(Edited by Vincentlevicomte)

 Glen Boyd enjoying the New Brunswick May sky.
(Picture by Bob Mathews)

Glen Boyd and David Bradley in New Brunswick, Canada. 
(Picture by Bob Mathews)


Doron Deckel flying with his XCitor over Tilsonburg in Ontario, Canada.

PPG Safari:
(Edited by Paramotores PAP)

Some members of the ParaFlyers went for a Lighthouse PPG tour in Florida.

(All pictures of the Lighthouses PPG trip are from Marty Hathaway)
-->Much more of this tour in Marty`s Picassa's album<--

The firs stop on their way was at Jim and Darlene Davis' place.

Tim Jones flies with his Power Pluto II wing
 at the Davis' place with the ParaFlyers.

Several pilots joined the Paraflyers when they stopped to fly.
Left to right: Mike Britt, Lynn Malbury,
Rob Catto, Tim Gaskins and BJ GRault.

Kirk and Sue Moser joined the group for few days. 
Here Sue taking off with the PPG trike while Kirk takes some pictures
of his better half before joining her in the sky.

Kirk Moser with his Green Eagle

Jim Brenner and Steve Coffey

Crooked River Lighthouse

Steve Coffey and Jim Davis on the background.

Rob Catto.

Cedar Key St Mark's Lighthouse

Steve Coffey, Jim Davis and Marty Hathaway.

Lighthouse Tour of 2012 - Part 1 
(Edited by Tim Gaskins)
Lighthouse Tour of 2012 - Part 2 
(Edited by Tim Gaskins)

Lighthouse Tour of 2012 - Part 3

(Edited by Tim Gaskins)

Lighthouse Tour of 2012 - Part 4

(Edited by Tim Gaskins)

Bobby Benn (left), North American Paramania importer, who visited us with
Theron McCollough, of the Paramania headquarters in France (right).  

It was a pleasure having for a few days our friend
Michelle Daniele from Paramotor City in New Mexico,
heading together at the Beach Blast fly-in. 


Michael O'Daniel, instructor in Virginia,  is one of our Ultra paramotors dealers.

Tests de caméra chasseuse:
(Édité by 4redwings)

En route to fly over the St John's river.


Our PPG field at the river.

GRT Roll Dive:
(Edited by AgahmoraPPG)


Beyond the cloud five from Marcelo Vascelai in Brazil:

Training at the river
(All pictures of the training are from John Erickson)

Putting the parabarge in the water.

Student Nathan Smith, from Florida.

Student David Roberts from Illinois, Parajet American importer John Erickson
and Eric Dufour in the background.


Eric really likes the Papoose wing to teach ground handling. 
Here King Holmes sweating it out, but how
rewarding when you end up doing it right! 

Eric Dufour showing that we are never too good in ground handling.

Student King Holmes from Ohio, during tow flight cessions. 

After each student had a tandem flight, did good ground handling,
tow flights, simulator cessions and passed a pre-solo theory exam,
is the time to do the first solo flights under radio supervision.

King Holmes ready to take-off. 

Nathan Smith about to take-off for the first time.

Nathan Smith in flight

At all time a student flies, Paratour uses
double radio communications for more safety, just in case one radio
stops working:  2 different radio connections in the helmet
and 2 different radios used by the instructor.

John Erickson, David Roberts and Eric Dufour

Now, David Robert's time to solo.

Good Job David!

Nathan Smith, Eric Dufour, David Roberts and King Holmes

The evening debriefing
Eric, King, David and Nathan.

King Holmes could not stay long enough to complete his
training and will come back this fall.

David Roberts ended up training with43 flights and Nathan Smith with 33.

Of course, our traditional Saturday pilots dinner.

With our daughter Eleonaure

With Eric's brother Eloi.

What about a nice ride with the XCitor with family members? 

Some more Florida flavor.
Eric Dufour, Paul Bobo from Florida and Eloi Dufour from Quebec, Canada.


Blue Skies !