Paratour - Happy
Palm Bay Fly-In - March 23rd to 26th 2012
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*Except when mentioned, all pictures are from Tim Gaskins.

Many of the Palm Bay Police officers are paramotorists and this year, they decided to organize this

 100% fund raiser benefit fly-in for "PAL", a non-profit organization for local youth activities.  Due to current economic times,

this group has been completely cut off from municipal funding yet continues to serve a very worthy cause. 

More details about them are at


 Food, entertainment, vendors, R/C demonstrations & lots of flying. 
Dry camping on site included, restaurant & hotel accommodations in close vicinity.

Many thanks to every one, especially to the main organizers: Don Jordan, Dave Weber, Mark Renkens & Scott Adair.

Marty Hathaway was there, taking pictures for his Picassa weekly album.

You can see Marty Hathaway's Picassa pictures
of this fly-in by clicking here

This is a huge 2,000 acre abandoned subdivision with very large flat mowed fields in a remote area on the edge of town.  No houses, tall trees or other LZ obstructions.  All roads are in but no utilities.  Much scenery and wildlife to see from high above (such as deer, wild boar, alligator, an occasional bobcat, panther, and lynx).

Sgt. Dave Weber of the Palm Bay police and also paramotor pilot,
did an excellent job as a safety officer.

Need help?

On the background:
Robin and Mark Renkens, Sgt Dave Weber
and Scott Adair, all involved in  the organization of this event.

Captain Mark Renkens from the Palm Bay police,
has been flying his paramotor for over 5 years now.

Scott Adair (instructor in Maine during summer and in Florida during winter) was also doing a great work as a safety officer

... well, until he saw Tim Gaskins' camera in action... ;-)

Steven Coffey, Johanne Savignac & Tom Evers

Frank & Johanne Savignac.
Frank is an instructor in New Brunswick, Canada

Leeta (Don Jordan's wife), Chris Bowles (Fresh Breeze American importer)
and Chad Bastian, instructor in California.

Some of the Bad Apples members relaxing during the afternoon:
Lyn Malbury, Worth McDaniel, Garry Oosthuizen and Dell Miller.

The Paratour Booth

A pilot showing his damaged wing to Elisabeth.

Eric, Elisabeth and Christiane "CC" Moisan

Brian Anderson chatting with Mike Britt (center).

Rockwell Smith from Georgia, taking a Paratour T-shirt
his buddy Jerry Hunnicutt 

Eric Dufour and wife Elisabeth Guerin.

John Black (instructor in Florida), Dell Miller,
Elisabeth Guerin and Don Jordan (instructor in Florida)

Don Lafollette proudly wearing his Paratour T-shirt 

Here, Don Lafolette, center, Mark Anzil on the left and Eric Dufour.
*Mark is the one who gave us his idea of
a T-shirt with a paramotor on the back.

Jose Casaudoumecq
He and his brother Javier are the Fly Products American importers.


The Casaudoumecqs next generation already in action:
Chloe, Jose's daughter and Frank, Javier's son,
playing with the Papoose (11.47 m2) specially made for ground handling.

Paul Czarnecki (instructor in Florida) on the right, with
20 year old son PJ, who
started to fly a paramotor 5 years ago.
(Picture by Melina Joslin)

One of the last ones to land that evening.

The fire place in action, or action around the fire place

On Friday evening, Tim Gaskins inducted Christiane ''CC'' Moisan Bad Apple member #32.  The Bad Apples is a friendly and infame group saught
by many at the same time.  More info on this very seletcive grooup at

CC about to proudly wear her Bad Apples T-shirt

A family picture with CC and the present Bad Apples members:
From left to right:  Garry Oosthuizen, Eric Dufour, Dell Miler, Chris Bowles, Rob Catto, CC, Scott Adair, Tim Gaskins, Lyn Malbury and Mike Britt.

Last night's bonfire might be dying but action still to come today.

Happy to have a new female member in the Bad Apples group:
Dell Miller, CC, Tim Gaskins, Brad Powell & Garry Oosthuizen.

  Eric and CC posing with visiting pilots from Montreal, Canada:
Yves Lagace, Alain Rocheleau and Serge Goyette.
(Picture by Elisabeth Guerin)

Serge Goyette's video on this fly-in:

Eric Dufour likes the lightness and power of his Ultra paramotor.

He had a great time with his new GTR wing.
(Picture by Melina Joslin)

Many enjoyed Bobby Ben's ice cone truck on the site.
Thank you Bobby & Rose Mary!

Lunch time

Chats in the afternoon.

A smile for Elisabeth's camera!

Al Baldwin and girlfriend, Rob Catto, Al Baldwin, Marty Hathaway,
Nelson Cummings and Mike Phillips.

Jeff Goin (with his red Power Pluto II and Eric Dufour with his blue one, in a duo fun flight around pylons in rough air.

Jeff Goin's video on this flight:


-->See Jeff Goin's report on this fly-in<--

At the Fresh Breeze booth:
Melina Joslin, Derrick Davidson, Chris Bowles and Scott Adair

-->Click here to see Melins Joslin's picture of this event<--

John Black (instructor in Florida) and organizer of the 
Beach Blast annual fly-in, in Panama City Beach, Florida.

John Black and Tim Gaskins, the author of
almost all pictures on this Webpage.

(Picture by Melina Joslin)

Many thanks to the organizers for this great fly-in!