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Axis Pilots' Testimonials

I am a new pilot of one year and I weigh 80kg.  Before flying with a Power Pluto 2 23m, I had only flown with big and slow school wings, very soft in handling.  The worst was the inflations with these heavy wings.


After 15 flights with the Power Pluto 2, I progressed more than my previous 60 flights with other wings !


I can now take-off on my first try, if I make a mistake and the wing is not perfect over me, I just need some toggle input and have it go where I want.


And what's the coolest is that a 23m is sufficient for my weight, I was used to 28 m and needed to run twice as much to take-off before!


The Power Pluto 2's glide ratio is unbelievable; I fly longer with the same quantity of gaz.


I recommend to all student pilots to try the Power Pluto 2.  You will not have to change wings once you have attained confidence, as the Power Pluto 2 is docile and sharp at the same time, contrary to school wings which are often suggested to beginners.


I adore my new Power Pluto 2  :)


Stéphane Co
St-jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc, Canada
Octobre 2012


Translated fron French by Christiane ''CC'' Moisan



I"I was at a point where l was ready to quit paragliding.

l had a wing l hated it was hard to launch and difficult to handle.

This is when l met Eric and he sold me a 21m Power Pluto II.    What a fantastic wing, easy to launch easy to fly yet fast and responsive in every way.

This wing changed my whole flying attitude. Now that l have this new wing l love flying it truly has become fun.

Thank you Eric,"

Mark Gerlach

January 2011


"After flying a Silex as my favorite wing for many years, I was looking for a replacement wing that kept the same fun in the air as the Silex, with a more modern and efficient gliding behavior. I wanted a wing that would be my main glider, in other words easy to launch in no wind, easy to land and that would respond to what I wanted the wing to do, not the other way around.  I tested several wings, and I was growing increasingly  frustrated as I had a hard time finding something to replace the fun feeling in the air of my aging Silex, while still easy to launch in tough conditions. 


I went to test the Axis Power Pluto 21 (small)  at the Paratour facilities in Christmas Florida, located about 230 miles North from my hometown Miami.  After overestimating the distance from where I stayed, I arrived way too early at their compound, full of excitement!!  I woke up poor Eric and Elizabeth much earlier than they intended to, but they were really nice and  brought me the wing to test it.  Incredibly, after this long trip, the weather was not cooperating!! There was no wind and  it was cloudy and hot, making it really bumpy due to thermals.


Since I had no other chance to test the wing,  I went ahead and launched in those terrible conditions. I was immediately surprised on how easy it was to launch and once in the air, I felt very safe.


I could feel some bumps but the wing was gliding and cutting through the bumps like if it was a smooth day.  I am normally very much a wimp when it comes to bumpy conditions, and I tend to land as soon as possible. Somehow this felt different. Safe and agile. I was actually happy and enjoying the ride!!  I really can’t describe how it felt safe, it just did…and I just wanted to keep flying!


I was also immediately impressed on how much more “floaty” this wing felt compared to the Silex. I felt I was floating and the Silex usually felt a lot more “sinky”, I was using less power and climbing faster. Then I understood how efficient this wing is, even though it is about 3 square meters smaller than the Silex. The agility was the other factor that I also noticed and enjoyed. I could do the same turns and felt the same responsiveness that I was used to.


While flying, I saw some deer in an open field  and went after them. I had a blast chasing them and no problem to keep up through their turns. They turn constantly as they try to lose whoever is chasing them. So turning was super easy and fun!


After some time flying I had to go back which was hard as I wanted to keep flying and because it meant I had to land in no wind.  I have to admit that I am a terrible lander…. I tend to flare too early and I tend to land on my butt quite often, which generally causes a great deal of hilarity for my flying “crew members”.  So believe me…  I was dreading the time of landing in no wind with an unknown wing, especially in front of MASTER Eric Dufour!!  So I armed myself with all the confidence I could master in those bumpy conditions.  Small wings tend to come down fast… in no wind…and as I saw the ground rapidly approaching, I instinctively started pulling brakes too early…and the Pluto simply glided and came to a perfect stop…and I was standing on my feet!!!!


I felt like a champion!! I had so much fun on my first flight an in those terrible conditions that I said to myself this must be a blast in good conditions!  So that was all the test I needed, I had to have that wing.


Now two years later…when flying the Power Pluto, I still feel the same excitement on every flight.  I have now flown it in many different conditions and I still have it as my preferred wing.  I have a Reflex for windy days and other occasions, but the Power Pluto is my day to day wing and it’s the most fun in a small package that I have ever had!!!"


Marcelo Lagos


January 2012


                         Picture by Mathieu Tallard

"I tried other wings.  But when I tried the Power Pluto II,  and really felt secure as soon as I took-off  

But I wanted a wing with a bit more and I finally opted for the Power Vega III and I am fully s
atisfied with it

It is very responsive, easy to inflate, easy to fly, a wing to have fun with and fully enjoy my flights, with or without wind.

Since I fly with it, I find that the more I get to know it, the more it gives me more and I feel safe.   

Yvon Girard,

November 2011
(Although French Canadian, Yvon speaks also English)

Translated from French by CC Moisan

Vidéo of one of Yvon's flights with his Power Vega III:




"Hi Elizabeth and Eric, just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my Power Pluto Wing.  

I currently have five wings and have flown many wings over a ten year period; but can honestly tell you that my Power Pluto is my wing of choice.  

Most of the guys I fly with have problems with no wind forwards, I don't.  The Power Pluto is very easy to inflate and is rock solid over head.  

So while they are sitting on the ground after many blown launch attempts, I am enjoying a nice flight.   I feel so confident about this wing that I have strongly recommended it to other pilots to include my two brothers.

Thanks for a great wing!  

Gaskin, Bad Apple #17
December 2012


"I have been flying PPGs for over 5 years with over 500 flights. After test flying more than a dozen wings, I decided to purchase a medium Power Pluto II in late 2010.

I fly in Colorado at 6850 feet and found the Pluto II to be the wing that did everything well. It is very efficient with great lift, flies confidently in bumpy air and has a great flare on landing.

Forward launches are very easy, even in Colorado, due to great inflation characteristics.  The wing comes up straight and settles over head with little need to check the wing.

The wing also has a sporty turning ability while maintaining good stability (hands up returns the wing quickly to center) making it a lot of fun to fly. The light weight of the wing and lines makes the wing easy to reverse launch.  I would recommend the Pluto II to any pilot looking for a safe and fun wing."

Mathew Wich

December 2012

"This afternoon I had 45 minutes of pure pleasure under this little beauty which elates me.

On this November 13, 2011, I flew with my very new Power Pluto II 21 meters, under a strong wind. 

To begin, I went with my Nucleon 25m, in order to fully compare both wings under the same weather conditions.

My conclusion is that without any hesitation, I prefer the Power Pluto II for taking-off and landing without a doubt.

(I prefer forward launches, once I set-up, I put little tension on the As, because I already know this wing will come up easily and the minute it was up, it was telling me "come below me, I am waiting for us to take-off together").

A few steps back to center myself
under this little wing (I am used to these kinds of take-offs), power, a few steps forward and we leave the ground, we climb fast and flying my surroundings. 

I turn right with a little power and wow, this little beauty responds well.  It gives me shriver thrills.  A pure pleasure

I release my right brake and the wing immediately and most naturally flies straight again.
I then proceeded to do 5 touch and goes, something I rarely do, and I still can't believe the way this wing brings me back softly on the ground.  It is for this reason I felt confident in doing 5 touch & goes.  I wanted to land but could not resist to go back up, it was so much fun.

To recap take-off were a
breeze, flares very easily, responds very well to pilot input, stable, agile, I am sure that a new pilot can learn with this little beauty.  This wing is easy and tame.

I fly since 2004, I have hundreds hours of flight.  The Power Pluto II 21m is my 7th wing and I can assure you it is my most preferred wing to date.  Take-offs and landings are easy, what I like so much with this wing is to feel it being part of me.  My only regret:  Not knowing it existed sooner.

Here is a pilot really satisfied and happy to fly under this "agile" (canopy
),  which is the nickname I have given it.

A very big thank you to Eric Dufour (Paratour) which was right in recommend
ing this Power Pluto II 21 meters wing to me.

These are my personal comments on how I reviewed this wing.

Good flights to everyone

Louis Bernier
November 2011 

Translated from French by CC Moisan




"Hi my name is Jesse Kipling. My father Mike recently purchased me a Power Pluto 2. He told me u were wondering how I liked it.

Like isn't the right word . . . . . I LOVE it!!!!! Handles great, easy to launch, and so good looking.

Thank you very much for making such a great wing and for caring enough to follow up with your customers."

Jesse Kipling
July 2011


"Having been a PPG Pilot and gathered experience over a couple of years, I was now ready to start looking for a new paraglider. 

Having a better understanding of my needs and having considered and tried various types of wings, namely reflex vs non-reflex, I had the opportunity to try out a 2004 Power Pluto 23m2 that my flying buddy was considering parting from.

I still remember that day very vividly as I had a couple of wings to try out and after going through a very extensive selection process (mini, mini, mo…)  I rested my choice on flying the Power Pluto 23m2 first and I would try out the other one after.

After flying for about an hour and trying high and low flying acrobatics, I returned to the LZ and quickly realized on the way there that I was actually under the wing that I had been looking for the past six months of extensive shopping, trying out and reading countless of hours of specs and details.

I had found the absolute in ease of inflation, ease on take-off, awesome responsiveness and incredible performance and amazing flaring capability on landing. 

As the old TV commercial goes, “I was so impressed I bought….!” not he company cause Eric and Elizabeth wouldn’t sell, but another Power Pluto II, 23 m2.

One would think -a Pluto is a Pluto right?.... No, this Pluto II was even better. Very little changes to the structure that the untrained eye could pick up at a first glance, but I found my new wing even easier to inflate, more performing, stable as a rock in turbulent conditions and a lot of fun doing foot drags, slalom course, or flying through the maze of rivers and inlets here in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. 

What will I do the next time I’m shopping for a wing????? You guessed it, I’ll be calling Paratour to ship me another Axis ! unless there is better on the market….and I doubt that very much!

Thank you Paratour for your superior equipment and service, you’ve made my flying experience even better!

From a happy Power Pluto II customer in Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada."

Real Robichaud
, "Weyman Wingnut #5"
ew Brunswick
ecember 2011

   Picture by David Bradley


"The perfect wing is actually a personal choice.  Interestingly, your perception of what that is continues to change as your skills improve.  If you are one of those pilots that is always looking for something new, then let me share a secret with you:  The magic is all in the Aspect Ratio (AR).  

Paratour is only 20 minutes from home, so this gave me the unique opportunity to try their full line of Axis paragliders, moving along the progression from the Power Pluto (5.5 AR) to the Power Vega (5.8), and then on to the Power Venus (6.2).  

So what do you get other than a noticeably longer span and skinnier wing (from leading to trailing edge)?  Increased lift, improved minimum sink, more maneuverability, and more speed range (from trimmers full in to full out with speedbar).  Since these are very light wings, you get excellent no wind, short takeoffs, tip toe landings, snappy turns, and the range of speed to either slow down for your friends or catch up to them when they are far ahead of you.

Striking a good balance on all these factors is not easy.  Generally you give up something to gain another.  AR helps a lot.  As you move up in Aspect Ratio, you will notice that you have so much more lift that you can even move down in size. The flying becomes much more active, but you will feel more connected to the air.

Axis also makes a Mercury (7.6 AR).  We may never have to go that far to find the perfect wing.  But it's good to know that Eric Dufour and Axis will certainly be there when you are ready to keep expanding your flying skills. 

Thank you guys,

Carlos Curti
PPG, PG, and HG pilot
January 2012


"I bought the Power Pluto II about a year ago. My experience with the Power Pluto II is astounding. 

I have been flying for about 8 years and this is the only wing where I can do consistent NO wind launches every time. 

I enjoy flying low altitude in zero wind.  I am an inland flyer where thermals are always present, it handles them with ease. 

It’s very stable, responsive and a pleasure to land. 

AXIS has made an awesome glider and very pleased to have purchase one.  My hat is off to AXIS for designing a wing that fits my needs.

Dell Miller, "BA#21"
December 2011


Pictures by Tim Gaskin

Video of Dell's first flight with his Power Pluto II at the St John's river in Florida (Edited by Tim Gaskins):



I am the owner of a couple of wings now, three to be exact.  I do a lot of traveling and fly whenever I can. 

My Power Pluto is my go to wing no matter where I am at.  It comes up quick, and is a very fun wing to fly. 

I am 330 pounds all up, so I fly quite a bit over the placard weight of the Power Pluto 26.  This wings has a lot of energy for flaring and is a blast to fly. 

If your looking for a wing that is easy to launch, fun to fly, and stable in flight, this is the wing to look at. 
Bottom line Eric Dufour has been one of the stable fixtures in the ppg industry for a very long time.   If he recommends it and fly's it, it must be good.

Stan Honey
December 2011


"I can say that I love my little wing, so smooth to handle, very maniable and precise.  I have a lot of fun twisting it in all directions, it gives me great pleasure.  It is so much fun to twist it around knowing that it will not bring you bad surprises at low altitude. 

Since I don't fly that often, I did not have the chance to really test it to its limits, but I can say that each time I take-off, its pure pleasure. 

When conditions are rowdy and no one wants to go up, you take out your little Power Pluto II and you treat yourself to a crazy ride, its wonderful."

Jacques Tremblay,
October 2011

Translated from French by CC Moisan



"I purchased my Power Pluto 2 about a year ago now from Eric and Elizabeth of Paratour. I have put a good 40-50 hours on it and I can honestly say I have made a great choice.

I have been flying for 5 years now and in the beginning I was using some of the hardest wings to learn on. When I was referred to Eric and Elizabeth to look at buying a new wing I did not know what to expect. I figured it would probably be a little better than what I was use to, but from the first flight on my new Power Pluto 2, I was just amazed.

I could not believe how easy this wing could launch and how well it can maneuver.  This wing has really helped me progress in this sport, every maneuver I toss at this wing so far it handles it like a champ.

I just wished I could of started out on this wing it would of made my learning experience so much easier.

Thanks Eric and Elizabeth for helping me select my wing..

Derrick Davidson






I am flying an Axis Power Pluto 26 and It's the best wing I have ever flown.

I have 9 flights on the new wing and all of them have been the dreaded forward launch.  This wing comes up so nice I feel like a pro.

Paratour was absolutely correct when they suggested me this wing.   I haven't even tried to fly my other wing.

Thanks again and hope to see ya'll soon."

Brandon Shane, AKA The Joker, Badapple #19
December 2011

Pictures by Tim Gaskin

Video of Brandon Shane's very first flight with his Power Pluto II
(Edited by Tim Gaskin):



Pictures by Donald Dechesne

I love my Power Pluto II for its easiness to inflate, its comfort, its stability and its very nice handling

I have noticed during periods of turbulances that it was rocking me instead of jerking me around and I felt very reassured by this


Richard Guerin
November 2011

Translated from French by CC Moisan