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Titanium Ultra PPG Pilots' Testimonials

Two years ago, I was looking for a more powerful engine.  I tried the Ross 100, which did not impress me with power.  I then saw Air Conception's Ultra 130.  I contacted Eric Dufour who told me to wait, that he needed to try it and let me know if it was good or not. 

Last winter, the results given were "reliable and powerful", so I decided to try it.  I was so impressed that I ordered one from Eric Dufour.


I endured 3 months of waiting and much teasing from my fellow flyers.  Finally, I received it in July and I've put over 60 hours on it.  I love it more and more.  Very reliable, but mostly light and powerful with my Power Vega 3.  This is a good duo.  Good thrust of 140 lbs, with a 130cm propeller. 


And what about the electric start. . . . Wow!  I like to climb high; stop the motor; glide down and restart.  It's a joy.


For parts, if ever needed . . . . No problem, I repair them and have an inventory of parts.



Yvon Girard

Lac Kenogami, Québec
October 2012


Translated from French by Christiane "CC" Moisan



What a little marvel that Ultra 130 is.  I had to change slightly my taking off technique, which is normal when using a different equipment, but now everything is as it should.

I open the trimmers approximately 1 inch, small impulse and the wing is over my head, a little gas, a good run to accompany the wing and airborne I am.

The harness ajustments are perfect and comfortable
, speed bar installed and perfectly adjusted, in flight trimmers fully out and half throttle, a little more speed bar, and I climb.  No need to go full throttle, I have more than enough power.

Yesterday I was at 700 ft, stopped the motor the glided towards the ground.  What happiness, total silence.  I restarted without a problem.

What I like on the Ultra 130 is its lightness, electric start, power, a very solid cage even though it is small, and finally I like everything of this little engine.



Louis Bernier
Québec (Qc)

Octobre 2012
Translated from French by Chrisrtiane "CC" Moisan

Video of Louis Bernier in flight
with his Titanium Ultra 130  paramotor-------->


I purchased an Ultra 130 from Paratour back in Feb 2011.  The machine has over fifty hours on it today. 

I was looking for something lightweight with plenty of thrust and a frame/cage that would hold up for a long time.  I found it, this machine is awesome!  

It delivers the power that the manufacture says it does.  It’s 47 pounds out of the box without the titanium muffler and with a lightweight harness. 

If you looking for a lighter machine on your back with lots of power, this is it. 

I would and have recommend the Ultra 130 motor to all my flying buddies.   

The Paratour family has always been very helpful to me in answering my questions and  taking care of my motor needs.  For once, I have a great motor to fly!   

Dell Miller, Bad Apple #21
December 2011

Picture by Tim Gaskins

Finally a paramotor having all I was looking for!

I weight 210 lbs and I often took risks with not powerful enough engines, which forced me to take risks if I wanted to fly just like the other pilots.

But it's over now, with my new Ultra 130, which offers 130 lbs of thrust, is light (47 lbs) and this engine runs smooth and without vibrations. 

With its electric start, this is a pleasure to shot it off and restart in flight, after having silently soaringI started it 55 times with the same battery. 
Finally, I am very happy of my purchase and I recommend it.

Yves Lagace
October 2011

Translated from French by CC Moisan



"I purchased my Ultra 130 from Eric and Elizabeth at Paratour on July 9th, 2011. 

So far, I have 14 hours on it and it has performed flawlessly. 

I am not sure if this is typical, but I haven't yet to have to charge the battery after over four months and at least 75 starts and it still sounds as strong starting now as it did when it was new.

One of the joys of the Ultra is that you can climb up, turn the motor off, soar around in silence for a while, and start back up to continue the flight. 

Because it is so light and powerful, no wind launches are easier.  This unit is 30 pounds lighter than my previous motor which makes a huge difference running for a no wind forward.

I have not required any service help but everyone at Paratour is so knowledgeable and accessible that if I do, I know I will be well taken care of."

Glen Myatt
December 2011



"My name is name is Brian Goff,

I purchased the Moster 185 from Paratour about a year ago.  The motor has performed beautifully!  The power is unreal and the best part about the unit is the weight!

Dry, the unit weighs 46.7LBS.  The titanium frame with the Carbon Fiber supports are rigid and and super durable!

The only issue I have had has been the pull start.  I've had springs fail and pull start engagement in flight which has stripped the engagement teeth (No emergencies).  I'd call Paratour and they responded very fast! The parts were on my door step within a day from the initial call.

Paratour's customer service has been above and beyond on all levels!  I highly recommend the Moster 185 to anyone interested in pursuing this sport! 

I teach PPGing in VA and use the tandem set up for instructional flights and pilots are amazed at the power behind the Moster!

Paratour is highly recommended in my book for equipment, customer service, and training!!!

 Thank You,"


Brian Goff
November 2011


"Hi guys!

My name is Claude Touchette, and I live in Val d'Or which is located north of Québec.  I started PPG in the fall of 2005 and proud owner of my third PPG package!

I took my lessons on a Miniplane Top-80, then bought a Pap Top-80.  Since there was not enough power for me I bought the H&E R-120.  During the years I have accumulated many hours of flight as well as "some extra muscular weight" so the same scenario of not enough power and lift was upon me.

 To finally identify "the machine", it was most important to identify the parameters for my personal needs:  I needed more power, a reliable machine, mounted on a nice but robust frame and I wanted it to be light.  Difficult to find all of those requirements together. . . I had some options but they weren't abundant.  I went through all the European forums, and talked to many owners, and finally "the machine" was identified:  Air Conception Moster 180 . . . .

A paramotor that weighs in at 47 lbs and has a static thrust of 158 lbs . . . . It actually is the best weight to thrust ratio on the market.  A solid paramotor made of Titanium that you can break downand with carbon struts which act as a crumple zone should you fall.

A new paramotor which has been out only for a year, therefore all the glitches of the initial conception were resolved with version II.

After flying it, I can say that what is said is not only statistics... One must know how to  control the power . . .  I did swing a few times during my first take-off . . .   It must not have been so elegant!  Its impressive thrust has the wing behind me most of the time, even downwind, and I keep climbing.  THAT is a motor!!! 

 I never experienced such a thrust, I don't even know if I'll ever need to use it all.  I flew with half throttle and it was more than enough.  I think I will not need a wing to take-off if I go at full throttle!!!


The direct drive (no clutch) is easy to start, even cold.  No need for a decompressor, nice sound, but maybe a little more noisy at 6-7000 rmp, but with our
earmuffs, this is a non issue.  Compared to the other equipments I have owned, I do not feel the torque effect on take-off.  With the Moster, it seems linear.   When warming up the engine, I love the silent block movement, just like a Harley at lower RPM, which gives us a glimpse of its power.

On the plus side:  Light weight, unbelievable thrust, quality finish, brake down solid cage, simple design, reliable according to the owners . . . . as for me, the future will tell.

On the minus side:  The base could be wider to make it more stable in the field, the net doesn't cover enough.

Now all I need are good flying conditions to go have fun with this 26hp."

Claude Touchette, alias Toumaran
ember 2011

Translated from French by CC Moisan



"I've been flying since 1998 and have owned several different motors over the years.  

A few key PPG motor characteristics that are important to me are being lightweight, having a clutch, and having minimal vibration.  


The Ultra130 has all of these characteristics and more.  The electric start is a nice plus and works very well.  I weigh between 160 and 165 pounds and have had a lot of success with the Top80 engine over the years.  However, there are times when the engine lacks thrust.  I quit doing tandems years ago because tandem motors were very heavy, didn’t have a clutch, and had a lot of vibration. 

Now that I have the Ultra 130, I plan to get back to tandem flying (with passengers less than 180 lbs.) in the near future.

Working with Paratour was great experience and I recommend them and the Ultra 130 to anyone."

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