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In Europe, on our way to the Basse-Ham fly-in

June  2010
Right after our plane landed in Paris, we drove directly to Brussels to meet Kirk Moser and Sue Tarby, our friends from New Mexico (both PPG and Green Eagle pilots), who were already in Europe since few days.  This is where they announced us that he proposed her the day before. 

With them, we visited Olivier Symoens.  We just can't go to Brussels without saying hi to our good old friend Olivier, a paramotor instructor in this area.  Good time, good food and of course and lots of paramotor talking.  

Belgium June 2010

Olivier Symoens, Eric Dufour, Sue Tarby and Kirk Moser
(Elisabeth is taking pictures)

Since few years, Eric had the idea of a tool to train PPG trike (or quad) that could pull the pilot and with his trike, without using the propeller. 

Last time Olivier visited us in Florida, Eric brought back this idea while talking about trike training.  And Olivier went:  “Instead of using an ATV to pull the students, we should have a motor to push them”. 

This is where Eric came up with the Trike Buddy Trainer concept and the rest is history; he asked to Leon Wacker, a well known paramotor and trike manufacturer in the US, to build it for him. 

Below, we see Eric having fun trying Olivier's version of this tool he uses at his School now.  Big boys with their toys!
  Olivier Symoens and Eric Dufour June 2010

After Belgium, we headed to Germany, to visit with our American friends, our friends at Fresh Breeze, in the Hanover area.  A first visit at the Fresh Breeze factory for them.  Great to see thes guys again and chat about what's coking and their novelties on the way. 

Fresh Breeze 2010Markus Müller showed the guys some new and/or imporoved parts.

Fresh Breeze 2010
Michael Werner showed us a prototype of the Paracar.

Meikel Werner Toy1This is one of Meikel Werner's many toys, which he uses for his expeditions. 

This is custom made and very well thoght and built for his expeditions.  

Fresh Breeze 2010
Stefen Wode, who has a PHD in mechanial movements, gave us more interesting info on their Paracar, which is not released on the market yet.
Fresh Breeze 2010 Fresh Breeze 2010
He had even towed Marcus' Landrover with it. 
Therefore, he gave Meikel this sticker--->

Did we mention it?:  "Big boys with their toys!"
Fresh Breeze 2010

One of the great moments of this trip for Eric was flying the XCitor with an 18 meters wing.  Yes, an 18 meter prototype wing.  He flew it solo and tandem with Meikel.  

Fast?  Yes.       Touchy a bit?  Yes.       Fun?  Yesssss!

XCitor with an 18 meter Wing
XCitor with an 18 meter Wing

On our way down to Basse-Ham, we stoped by Heidelberg to say hi to Wolfgang Mueller-Quiblier, who used to live in Pennsylvania and fly with a group of PPG pilots there. 

We had an excellent dinner at a nice Italian restaurant.  Lost of good talk.  Elisabeth didn’t appreciate the ride back at almost 200 km/hour on the highway, but Eric did.  Wolfgang proved to be an excellent driver.

Thanks to Wolfgang and his wife Nathalie for their warm hospitality and the nice time we had them and their kids in Heidelberg.  They live in a very beautiful city; very many nice sceneries also where we can even see from downtown paragliders in the air. 

Wolfgang Muller - Heidelberg


One of the many nice views of Heidelberg.

 Wolfgang Mueller-Quiblier, Elisabeth and Eric

June 26th, the first official day of the Basse-Ham paramotor fly-in 2010 in France.  This is the biggest paramotor event worldwide and it was nice seeing friends, meeting new ones and see the novelties out there.  It has been an intense weekend with about the same amount of pilots than last time, nice weather, good flying time and of course, it was good to see everyone.

Basse_Ham 2010

As usual, our friend Jack Kimble, an active 70 year young foot launch pilots from Florida, attended the event.  Him and us simply can't stop going there.

Basse_Ham 2010
  Eric tried different gliders and motors.
Basse_Ham 2010
Jacques, in instructor from Netherland, kindly let Eric use his XCitor to give a ride to Alfi, a British 80 year young man.
Basse_Ham 2010
Jacque enjoyed his flight.
Basse_Ham 2010
Adventure had their both as usual and Nicolas, a French pilot (white shirt), looked at their new godies.
Basse_Ham 2010
The Fresh Breeze booth.
Basse_Ham 2010
Our friends Kirk & Sue in front of the RS Ultra booth
Basse_Ham 2010
Xavier Galdes and Laurent Fourgeaud from Air Conception

Basse_Ham 2010
The Titanium Ultra 130
But what kept the most our attention this year, was the Titanium Ultra 130 from Air Conception in France.  This is the most powerful and light weight unit on the market, thrust for weight.  Eric brought a unit for himself to try and since he is very pleased with it, Paratour is now importing this unit in the US.  
There is more info at . 

Gérard Pouliot, a very nice French PPG pilot edited this vedeo of Eric Dufour flying the Titanium Ultra 130 at the event: .

Basse_Ham 2010

With Elisabeth, our friends Luc Trépanier from Canada and the well known Didier Eymin from France.

Some links to videos and series of pictures from Basse-Ham 2010