Paratour - Happy
April 2011

Ripair Werner Lines Measurement System Werner Lines Measurement System

At RipAir glider shop in France latst summer

Last summer, during her visit at RipAir (the biggest glider shop worldwide), Elisabeth was impressed by the PLMG Worner electronic line measurement system used there.  It is very precise, with a margin error of less than 2mm.  All measurements are
made with a great precision and  computorised.  Because of its price, it is mostly used by Paraglider manufacturers.

Eric Dufour, Steven Coffey and Glen Boyd installing the line measuring system at our shop.

We recently acquired the PLMG Worner electronic lines measurement system at our glider shop.  We are the only ones in North America to use it and the lucky # 100 to have one worldwide.  Our closest neighbour using this system is Sol Paragliders, in Brazil. 

 Werner Lines Measurement System  Werner Lines Measurement System
Steven Coffey who is knowledgeable in hardware, Glen Boyd who masters the Excel program, and Eric making sure that all works well. This system is complex to install, but very easy to use.  It brings great precision, thus  avoiding human mistakes.
 Gamaged Paraglider  Repaired Paraglider
  One of Elisabeth's repairs in April.
 BowlingInstead of a saturday night by the bon fire, we decided to go bowling and finish up the evening with a nice meal. -------->  Dinner after Bowling
Left to right:  Rob Catto, Frank and Johanne Savignac, Jennifer Britt and her boyfriend, Mike Britt, Josh Tylor, Marty Hathaway, Kimberly Hathaway, Sherie Coffey (who got the highest score on bowling), Sherie's sister, Elisabeth Guerin, Eric Dufour and Alain Harvey.   That evening , Alain became an official member of the Para-Flyers. 
 Mike Britt's Birthday

Mike Britt's Birthday was celebrated at  the famous Dixy Freeway restaurant.
Front row from left: Tom Evers, Jack Kimble, Eric Dufour, Capt. Don Andrews, Rod Ternovsky, Mrs. Goldbach.
Back row from left:  Leslie Britt, Alain Harvey, Steve and Sherie Coffey, Elisabeth Guerin, Mike Britt, Marty Hathaway, Rob Catto and Scott Adair.

 Dinner with Illinois guys
  Another nice dinner was had at Macaroni Grill with visiting friends from Illinois:
Left to right:  Tim Kaiser, Jeff Goin, Mike Britt, Scott Clark, Eric and Elisabeth.

 Jacques Tremblay  Jacques Tremblay & Eric Dufour
Jacques Tremblay, one of Eric's old friends (since high school), who also was a paramotor instructor for Paratour in the 90s, came from Canada for a visit with his van during a short trip nearby.  Of course, Jacques and Eric had good chats reminiscing of good times had.
 Jacques Tremblay  Jacques Tremblayenjoyed flying the Kangook with the Power Pluto
 Jacques treated himself with a good flight over the nice St John river's area with a Kangook Polini paramotor and a Power Pluto II wing. 
 Jacques Tremblayenjoyed flying the Kangook with the Power Pluto  Kerry Kerwin
He really enjoyed his flight and found the Kangood very comgortable and the Power Pluto II very easy to take-off, lots of fun to fly and predictable (which makes it more fun). 
He said he wants his next wing to be a Power Pluto.
 Kevin Kerwin came with his nice Moskito helicopter for a visit at the field.

 Eric Flying High over the St John's river.

This picture of the nice St John's river has been taken by Eric Dufour at a high altitude

Marty Hathaway Picassa April 3rd

Marty April 9th

 Marty Hathaway Flting Low

This one is from Marty Hathaway...  but from a much lower altitude.

  Bad Apples Fly-In

Except for one, all following pictures are from Marty Hathaway


Mike Britt, Marty Hathaway, and Alain arrived at this nice flying site in Georgia in Mike's mororhome.  The XCitor was well attached on the trailer in the back. 

                           Wonder how Mike Britt placed it there...? ---->


This fly-in was held in this beautiful field owned by Billy Powell.
Every time the air was good, Tim Gaskins (Bad Apple #17) was up there. The same for Bob Gaskins, Tim's identical twin.  Both fly an identical Kangook Polini paramotor and a Power Pluto wing.


 Mike Britt anjoying the Georgian air.  Eric Dufour, Alain Harvey and Mike Britt having lunch.

The ambiance was convivial, fun and relaxed. 
When the sky was not so inviting, the guys simply played with another toys!  Bob Gaskins here.  Jason Shane gave Patricia McMahon a fun ride.
During the fly-in, there was nearby a major RC gathering nearby.  Of course, everyone had to go see it.

  Eric Dufour
Eric Dufour (bad Aple # 20) enjoying his time watching other flying toys.


                              This picture is by Eric Dufour

Left to right:  Marty Hathaway, Lyn Malburay (BA #7), Bob Gaskins, Dell Miller and Alain Harvey

 By the lake, Billy Powell's mill.
 Mike and other pilots enjoyed visiting the installations.  Billy Powell kindly explained the way they process corn meal.
 The finished product.  3 generations of Powells:  Brad, Billy and Bo.

Tim Gaskind video on the flights

Another video of the fly-in by Tim Gaskins

Marty Hathaway pictures of this event

Eric Dufour gave a few rides to pilot's wife with the XCitor and here is a short video from David Jacksin when his wife Stacy went up with Eric:

tracy goes on a flight with the legendary eric dufour in a excitor on a pg wing!!!! done at georgia's very on beautiful scenery on a perfect spring morning.


But the highlight of this event was Steve Barrett's flight with Eric:

Video of Steve flying with Eric - Edited by Tim Gaskins

Here is what Tim Gaskins wrote on the ppgbiglist (message # 79351) on April 18th 2011.

"This week I honestly found out what this sport is all about and I can tell you that even though flying is part of it, in my opinion, it is a small part. I was humbled to see the caliber of the people and friends that came together to not only help a fellow friend but to keep his love for this sport alive.  This last weekend the BadApples had a fun fly in Buena Vista, GA. The idea for this event started about year ago.  Our main goal was to get our brother BadApple Steve Barrett in the air again.

For those of you that don't know, Steve a fellow pilot and instructor had a bad accident about three and a half years ago doing what he loved to do, fly. It has been a long road back for Steve just to get to the point where he is today.  But he has never given up his love or desire to get back in the air.  So, with that in mind we started coming up with a plan to make his desire a reality. 

Now this was going to take a lot of personal sacrifice, time and resources from our fellow brother PPGer's and friends.  You really get humbled when you approach someone like Eric Dufour or a Mike Britt knowing how busy they are with their business and ask them if they could help and with out any hesitation you hear, how can we help. 

Or Brad Powell who offers a place to hold the event.  And then you have Mark Maupin who on his own raises money to help out with some of the expenses. 

Let's not forget guys like Marty Hathaway who instead of flying, stays on the ground and takes those pictures that make the rest of us feel good when we see things like the joy on Steve's face. 

Or Bruce Erion who always meets you with a smile and then makes you forget about your troubles for a while when he tells you a story or a joke or turns into a Super Hero. I am humbled and proud to call guys like these my friends.

Thanks to all who helped bring a smile to Steve's face."

Tim BA#17



Bo Powell did not really appreciate having Captain America (Bruce Erion - Bad Apple #1) among the attendees.  Well, as Capt. America. 

  What a great Saturday evening with pilots from Georgia and Florida!
 Brad Powell, Steve Barrett and Bo, Brad's son. Mark Lowerson (Bad Apple #3) with son Liam.
Capt. America (Bruce Erion) and Mike Britt. 
             Tim Garkins, Capt. America (Bruce Erion) and David Jackson

The highlight of that evening was the ordination by Capt America of two new members of the Bad Apples:  Mike Britt, from Florida, BA # 27 and David Jackson from Georgia, BA # 28.

Courtney, Brad Powell's wife, Terry, David Jackson's wife and Brandon Shane

Everyone had a good time watching the ceremony.  Well, we all know what a great entertaines Bruce Erion is.

Brandon Shane and Bob Gaskins                         Terry Jackson, Brandon Shane and Tim Gaskins


 Brad Powell, Steve Barrett and Brad's son, Bo.

From L to R, front row sitting:
Brad Powell, Tim Gaskins (BA # 17), Susan (Bob Gaskins wife), Marty Hathaway, Bob  Gaskins (BA # 24).
2nd Row Sitting: L to R
Dell Miller (BA # 21), Eric Dufour (BA # 20), Bruce Erion (BA #1), Steve Barrett (BA #6),
Standing, L to R:
Rockwell Smith, David Jackson (BA # 28), Alain Harvey, Mike Britt (BA # 27), Ray McManon, Michael Malcom, Brandon Shane (BA # 19), Jamie Brooks, Jason Shane (BA # 18) who is holding Bo Powell.