Paratour - Happy
Beach Blast - May 2011

John Black, instructor in Florida and Mr. Beach Blast in person.
Thanks John for this great fly-in!

What a nice fly-in right on the beach where pilots can either stay on-site or at the near-by campground!  This event is held on Mother's Day weekend so many pilots showed up with wife and kids and everyone had a really great time!
Alex Donaghy, a paramotor pilot from Colorado and one of John's good friends,
was in charge of the organization, along with John. 

Mathew Wich, another Colorado friend of John, built the Beach Blast Website.
 He too enjoys his
Power Pluto II and sturdy SD II paramotor.
(Picture by Leslie Britt)
(Picture by Steve Durgins)

This fly-in is as enjoyable whether on the ground or in the air.

(Picture by Wesley Woo)

(Picture by Doron Dekel)
Doron came from Toronto, Canada, with his XCitor.

David Jackson (bad Apple #28) spent the whole weekend as a safety officer.
Thanks for your great work David!

Being petite, the Titanium Ultra 130 with only 47lbs (real weight)
was an obvious choice of equipment for Emilia Plak to borrow for this event.

David Jackson (Georgia) and Steve Heller (Florida) who flies a
SD paramotor and a Power Pluto wing, were pleased to meet each other.
(Picture by Leslie Britt)
Emilia Plak from Poland with Wesley Woo from Illinois. While chatting together, Elisabeth took this picture:
Paul Czarnecky (instructor in Florida), Emilia Plak (Poland), Chris Santacroce (instructor in Utah) and Eric Dufour (instructor in Florida).

The American PPG competitions were held during this event. 
Beside the competition direction, David Rogers (white shirt), Eric Dufour head judge, instructs the competing pilots and assisted the task judges.

(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

The kite war.
((Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Jiri Shindler, instructor in Missouri
(Picture by Leslie Britt)
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)
Eric Dufour, congratulates Jeff Goin who just won at the kite war task with his
Power Pluto II 18 meters.
See a video of this moment nicely edited by Terry Barner

Congratulations to the winners!
Jeff Goin, 3rd place; Pavel Brezina, 1st place & Ryan Shaw, 2nd place.
Marty Hathaway (3rd place at the 2006 national PPG comps)
shows why the spot landing was so difficult. ;-)
Joking aside, it was not easy this year because of the gusty conditions that morning.


1st row competing pilots(L to R):  Jeff Goin, Andrew Ekstrom, Rod Ternovsky, Fabian Perez, Andrew Solano, Steve Reed, Scott Baxter, Brian Shaw, Pawel Brezina, Ralph Davis and Jiri Schindler
2nd row, the judges:  Leslie Britt, Glen Boyd, Rob Catto, (?? Can someone give us his name?), Alain Harvey, Elisabeth Guerin, Eric Dufour, Carmen and David Rogers and Marty Hathaway

During the fly-in, Marty Hathaway was induced in the Bad Apples group by Tim Gaskins: 
Marty became
Paraparazi # 29.
Marty Hathaway reserved a suite for his parents at the resort during the fly-in.  Rod Ternovsky did the same for his grandmother.
On picture:  Mr.& Mrs. Hathaway, Marty Hathaway, Rod Ternovsky and Leslie Britt. 

Rob Catto, one of our local Florida pilots, enjoys flying the beach with his
Power Pluto
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

Rod Ternovski and his grandmother
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

  Elvis (Florida) learned to fly with Eric Dufour in 2004
and enjoys flying his sturdy SD paramotor ever since.
(Picture by Leslie Britt)
Dell Miller, from Georgia, enjoyed another nice flight
with his light
Titanium Ultra 130 and Power Pluto II.


Michael Jenovic from Ohio, had a great time too.

(Picture by Wesley Whoo)                                                        (Picture by Leslie Britt)

Chris Santacroce gave a good show with nice aerobatic figures.


Eric Dufour did a precision show with his
Titanium Ultra 130 and
different sizes of
Power Pluto II
(Pictures by Leslie Britt)

On the left, playing with Bruce Erion with his
Power Pluto II 23 meters
and below with his 18 meters.
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

Wesley Woo taking pictures of Eric

Eric Dufour.  Precision landing engine off on a bin.
Elisabeth taking pictures for this blog    (Picture by Marty Hathaway)

Jeff Goin taking off with the powerful and light
Titanium Ultra 130
and his sporty
Power Pluto II 18 meters.
(Picture by Wesley Woo)
  Eric with his Titanium Ultra 130
(Picture by Doron Dekel)

Having fun together:
Eric Dufour, with his
Power Pluto II 21 meters, and Jeff Going, with his sporty Power Pluto II 18 meters, (Picture by Marty Hathaway)
  Dufour.  Another precision landing motor off. (Picture by Marty Hathaway)
Luc Trepanier and Marc Mourres, both from Quebec, Canada
(Picture by Leslie Britt)
Luc Trepanier made a new PPG friend with Glenn Myatt from Mississippi. 
Glen just finished his training with Eric few weeks prior to this event
(see his testimonial) and came to the fly-in with his wife and kids to celebrate Mother's day.
From Georgia, identical twin brothers, Bob and Tim Gaskins,
flying a
Power Pluto and Power Pluto II with identical Kangook Polini paramotors.

Lance Marczak (Illinois), Eric Dufour and Scott Clark (Illinois)
Paul Rogers (Michigan) with his custom colored "man-genta" & black Power Pluto.
(Picture by Wesley Woo)
Ralph Davis (Florida) flying his lettered wing custom-made by Paratour
((Picture by Emilia Plak)
Scott Adair, instructor in Maine during summer and Florida during winter, could not miss the event.
((Picture by Leslie Britt)
Rod Ternovsky, instructor in Florida, flew alot during the event.
His personal equipment:  A
SD II paramotor and the sporty Power Pluto II 18 meters.
((Picture by Leslie Britt)

Mike Britt right after a great flight
(Picture by Marty Hathaway)

 A nice getaway from the kids.
When Paul Bobo was not flying, he was relaxing with his lovely wife Melissa.
What a nice Mother's Day weekend!  
(Picture by Leslie Britt)
Steve Durgins (Florida), who attended all three Beach Blast fly-ins, enjoyed himself this year too. Mark Anzil from Florida, with Elisabeth Guerin,
few days shy before starting his training with Eric Dufour.

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