Paratour - Happy
Another nice visit from the Georgia boys

Tim Gaskins came from Georgia with his twin brother Bob when he recently trained with Eric and when Tim tried his brother's Kangook paramotor with a Polini engine,  Tim ordered us one for himself.

When he came back to pick it up, some of his Georgian flying buddies came along and of course, we all had a great time together.    


 Tim Gaskins and Eric Dufour

Tim Gaskins on the parabarge with Eric Dufour, after a good morning of flights with the guys at the river.

Jerry Hunnicutt

Jerry Hunnicutt at Cracker Barrel after the morning flights, for a good breakfast with the pilots.
Tim Gaskins
 David Jackson
Tim, during one of his many evening flights at the St John's river. David Jackson enjoyed flying our demo Action GT from Paramania.

 Dell Miller

                         Dell Miller flying his brand new Power Pluto II.

 Visit from Georgia pilots                            Around the table after a nice evening of flights.

Starting from left:  Tim Gaskins, Jerry Hunnicutt, Sam Shaw, Steven Coffey, Eric Dufour, David Jackson and Alain Harvey. 

After trying it here, Dell Miller went back home with his own Power Pluto II

St John's river

                                                 The St John's river

Video of this trip edited by Tim Gaskins: