Paratour - Happy
Joe and Rob

Good friends Joe Ventura and Rob Moffett, from Florida.   

Joe finished his training with Eric Dufour with 70 flights and Rob with 46.

Eric Dufour test flying the equipment before Joe's fisrt solo flight
                             Picture by Marty Hathaway

Joe is a happy camper with his new Kangook Polini paramotor and Power Pluto II wing.

                                 Joe's first solo flight

 Joe Ventura's solo flight
Picture by Marty Hathaway                        

Joe during training                             

Rob Moffett enjoying the air  
 Joe Ventura

                                 Picture by Marty Hathaway

Robert Moffett

Tim & Bob Gaskins

Identical twins, Tim and Bob Gaskins, with their identical Kangook Polini paramotors.  They both fly a Power Pluto, but of a different color.

With their permission, here is a copy of their e-mail recently received:

"Eric, I felt that I needed to write you and express my gratitude for the great training you gave my brother Bob.

I am not one for long or lengthy letters so I will tell you what I told Bob when he asked me who should he get his training from? I told him, "I would go to Eric Dufour.

I also told him that "I would drive across the country to get trained by Eric."

But I think the best way I could sum it up is when asked by other PPGers why not go to someone closer? I said " because he is my brother."

Thanks again Eric, you made one of my dreams come true, I am now flying with my Twin brother. "

Tim Gaskins, BadApple #17 Atlanta, Georgia


I want to say thank you but words cannot express just how much.  I am so happy that you allowed me the privilage to come down and be trained by you.  Your professionalism is unsurpassed by anyone.  How you were truly concerned not only with my training but most of all with my saftey as well. 

Since I left and have had the opportunity to fly with others, I can now see why training with some one like you was the right thing to do.  I now get to fly with my brother and that is a dream I thought might not happen.  I hope my other brothers will give it a try as well. 

Eric and Elizabeth thank you so much for making me feel like family and for helping me to live the dream."    

Bob Gaskins

Jeff Thompson, proud owner of an Ultra 130 Gilles Desnoyers
 Jeff Thompson from Florida is now the proud owner of an Ultra 130. 
Gilles Desnoyers from Quebec, Canada, 67 years young, in training on the Green Eagle with Eric.

 Tom Evers, Carlos Curti and Rockwell Smith

                       Tom Evers & Carlos Curti, both from Florida,
                         and Rockwell Smith from Georgia

 Tom Evers and Alain Harvey
  Tom Evers and Alain Harvey (from Quebec, Canada).  On the background, Steve Coffey (from Florida) and Eric Dufour on the Green Eagle.
 Shaun McKenna  Elisabeth Guerin
          Elisabeth Guerin en route for a nice evening flight.
 Shaun McKenna, from Massassuchetts,
in advance training with Eric Dufour

 Jim's Solo  Eric Dufour and Glen Boyd from Canada

Jim Brenner, from Florida, just after his first solo flight.  He finished his training with 35 flights and flies a Power Pluto II glider with a Kangook Polini paramotor.

Glen Boyd from New Brunswick, Canada, after another nice landing.

 Syrius Mesdaghi  Sunset after the flights
Syrius Mesdaghi, from Washinton DC, on his first solo flight
under Dufour's instruction
Picture by Sam Nash.

Return after the flights.

Eric flying the Moster for the first time (on Marty Hathaway's Picassa Album)

Denise's Tandem flight with Eric on the Ultra Moster 180 and a Power Pluto 38 meters ovet the St John's river - Pictures by Marty Hathaway.

Little video of Eric Dufour (170 lbs - 77kg) flying tandem with Mike Britt (250 lbs - 115 kg).  They fly with a Moster 180 Titanium from Air Conception and a Power Pluto 38 meters from Axis.  This was Mike's a very first tandem flight: