´╗┐ Paratour - Happy
June 2011

Some nice flights at the St John's river

On the second parabarge arriving, was Mike Britt, Rob Catto, Marty Hathaway, Tom Evers and Jim Brenner.
Todd Andrews, from Florida, came flying with us with the first parabarge. 
As a gentleman, Eric prepared Elisabeth's Kangook trike, including warming it up,
so she just had to sit, attach and take-off.

Jim Brenner learned to fly with Eric Dufour last fall and he is a good & safe pilot who is happy with his Kangook Polini and Power Pluto II.

Brian Anderson's last day of  training with Eric Dufour

Brian Anderson, from Florida, finished his training with 50 flights.  He is a happy camper with his Ultra Moster and Power Pluto II.

Todd, Eric & Brian, on the first parabarge, en route for a good breakfast
after some good morning flights.
(Picture by Elisabeth)
The second parabarge passed us.  Mike Britt as the captain and Jim Brenner. 
Rendez-vous at Cracker Barrel!  
Some more Titanium Ultra 130 and Titanium Ultra Moster paramotors arriving and already sold. 
These paramotors are gaining a fast-growing popularity.

The Ultra is the lightest and most powerful unit actually on the market.

Here we are having a nice sushi dinner in Florida with
Glenn & Suzie Patch from California and Mike Britt. 
Eric trained the Patch in 2006:  Glenn on his XCitor and Suzie on her SD Mini PPCg.
Video of their training
See an article on Susie Patch's training
The 2011 urban dinner with our our Paramotion friends
(Maxym, Sebastien & Patrick), in Montreal, Canada.

Left to right: Max Ladouceur
. . . . . but he is a good looking guy ;-) & St├ęphanie just a few days short of giving Max a beautiful daughter, Eric & Elisabeth with daughter Emie, Jean-Marc Cayer, his son Sebastien Cayer with girlfriend Maryse and Marie-Claude & Patrick.
One of Elisabeth Guerin's repairs


Tim Gaskins video of one of our weekends in May

Marty Hathaway's May pictures:
Lake Harney Woods 5-14-2011
Cedar Knoll 5-21-2011
Disappearing Island 5-28-2011 A
The River 5-29-2011


Photos by Derrick Davidson, Jun 13, 2011

Video: www.youtube.com
Edited by Tim Gaskins