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Our March 2011 News
 Bastien Dufour's Solo with the Green Eagle

Maynard Amdahl with his friend Tom after his solo on a Green Eagle.

This picture dates back a few months but worth mentionning: Maynard Amdahl, from Iowa, trained with Eric Dufour, to learn to fly his Green Eagle last fall.  Last December, while vacationing in Florida with friend Tom and their respective wives, he brought Tom here for a solo flight with Eric.

Bastien Dufour (Eric's brother) came for a week long vacation during Spring Break and took the opportunity to solo on a Green Eagle.  He liked being in the air so much, he decided to further his training but foot launch instead of triking.

Bastien Dufour's Solo with the Ultra 130

Pictures of Bastien's foot launch training by Axel Charles-Messance

Up and left:  Bastien's first foot launch solo.

At 180 lbs and the 47 lbs Titanium Ultra 130 that has more power than a Ross 125, his training has been much easier.  We ave to add that the Power Pluto II is very easy to inflate, stable and fun to fly. 

Bastien had a great week with all of us and flew as much as he could during his stay.

Bastien Dufour's Solo with the Ultra 130

 Glen Wyatt

 Glen Wyatt

Glen Wyatt, from Mississippi, came for a week of training, during which his wife and kids enjoyed the warm Florida weather and the beach.  He made sure that his week of paramotor was also a nice vacation time for his family and every evening, after a good day of training and flying, he could enjoy good moments with his loved ones. 

 Glen Wyatt
All pictures of Glen Wyatt's training by Axel Charles-Messance

 Glen Wyatt

After 52 flights in 6 days, Glen left safe and confident in his piloting skills.

He is also quite happy with his choice of equipment: :  A Titanium Ultra with Polini engine paramotor and a Power Pluto II wing.

See Glen's testimonial <---


Mariusz and Michael

Mariusz Debiki and his son Michael.            Photo by Marty Hathaway.

Marius & Michael from Canada

Mariusz and Michael enjoying the beautiful scenery the St. John's River offers.

Photo by Axel Charles-Messance

Same time last year, Mariusz, a Canadian paramotor pilot, visited us with son Michael, then 14 years old, so Michael could enjoy the freedom of flight.  After a week of training with Eric, Michael completed 45 flights. 

This year they both came for a paramotoring vacation during Spring Break and we certainly hope to see them again next year !

 Alain's Turtle

Alain Harvey's turtle.  Marty Hathaway, who just happened to be flying by, couldn't help himself in capturing the glorious moment.

We had a very nice visit with Axel Charles-Messance, a French globetrotter reporter, currently living in Maryland.  Flying a paramotor since 1989 makes Axel one of the very first flyers of our sport. 

You can visit his website to learn more about his adventures and reports.  During his stay, Axel bought himself a Power Pluto II which he really enjoys.

Before leaving, Axel left us some very nice pictures of his visit.

St John's river

Another of those relaxing evenings after great flights.

Left back to front: Bastien Dufour (Ontario, Canada), Frank Savignac, New Brunswick, Canada), Glen Wyatt (Mississippi), Eric Dufour, Mariusz and Michael Debiki (Quebec, Canada), Mike Britt (Florida), Michel Proulx and his girlfriend Isabelle Lussier (Quebec, Canada), Elisabeth Guerin and Axel Charles-Messance (Maryland).


Pictures of the morning fog by Axel Charles-Messance

St John's river

St John's river
Photos of the field and the river by Axel Charles-Messance

 St John's river
Training at the St John's River area  Mark Renkens on his Kangook Ross

 The training field.

 Mark Renkens, from Florida, enjoying his Kangook Ross 100.
 Shaun McKenna

Shaun McKenna's picture

Rob Catto followed by Marty Hathaway along the river.

Those two pictures are by Shaun McKenna (Massachussetts) during his latest visit.

Thanks for the nice pics Shaun and your're welcome here any time!

 St John's river

Air boat rides by Midways, a very professional team.

Marty does pretty good pictures also, such as these two up and on the right.

Photos by Marty Hathaway

Steve Coffey never misses an opportunity to fly with us during the weekend.......>

 Steve Coffey
 Eric Dufour flying his Power Vega III  Eric Dufour ground handling his Power Vega III
Eric ground handling

 Eric Dufour enjoying the great performances of his Power Vega III paraglider from Axis. 

 Before Elisabeth Guerin's Repair  Elisabeth Guerin's wing tip Repair
  One of Elisabeth's repair this month:  a wing tip reconstruction.
 Before Elisabeth Guerin's Repair  Elisabeth Guerin's wing tip Repair

 Rod Ternovsky's 1st student

Rod Ternovski's first official student

Pictures of Tim's solo by Leslie Britt

Rod, a skilled ppg pilot, learned to fly with Eric Dufour and later also learned from him how to teach paramotor.  He is now a USPPA instructor and his school is located in Jacksonville, Florida: Experience PPG 
( )

Rod Ternovsky's 1st student

 On his solo day, Tim did his very first flight and four more after for a total of 5.  He did very well with all his stand-up landings and great technique.  On his next training day, he got in 5 more flights.  Last Sunday he got in 6 more flights.  As those lines are written, Tim has now 16 successful flights under his belt and still more days of training left.  Congrats on your first student Rod and congrats and welcome to the group Tim !

More photos of Tim's training can be found at

 Scott Baxter & Steve Reed

Scott Baxter (left) and Steven Reed , 2nd place at the PPG US National Competitions  (right), both from Chicago area, came to train and get their USPPA instructor rating through Eric Dufour. 

They learned, did well and went back home being officially USPPA instructors.

 Scott Baxter & Steve Reed
 Scott and Steve learning the art of teaching ground handling.

Scott Baxter, Marty Hathaway and Steve Reed

They also received the "near miss" gator tipping badges from Marty as well.

Photo by Frank Savignac

 X Country by the St John's river

On their last day with us, Scott and Steve enjoyed a nice and long X country flight by the St John's river with some of the local pilots.   

 After the evening flights  Our traditional Saturday dinner

Relaxing after another evening of training and/or flying.

Left to right: Steve Reed, Eric Dufour, Scott Baxter, Sheri and Steve Coffey, Mike Britt and Frank Savignac.

 One of our typical Saturday dinner.

Picture by Marty Johanne Savignac
Mike Britt's new chair  Ranger Bo & David Ingersol

Frank Savignac, Mike Britt and Eric Dufour

First time since childhood that 6'4" Mike Britt felt like a kid after receiving this special chair from Frank & Johanne Savignac.

Photo by Johanne Savignac

Ranger Bo (Colorado) and David Ingersol (Georgia) entertaining us.

Photo by Marty Hathaway
 Marty Hathaway

Marty nicely repairing a prop for a friend.

"If you repair propellers for money is it considered "Propstitution"?" 

Marty Hathaway

See Marty Hathaway's weekly Para-Flyers of Florida flying reports for March:

River Diet

River Pork Chop

Moon River Madness

The River

 Adrian's solo  Adrian

Adrian Roovers' first paramotor solo flight.       Photo by Scott Baxter

On picture:  Alain Harvey, Adrian Rovers (Florida in winter and New York in summer) and Eric Dufour

 Adrian has now 36 flights and his training is not finished yet.
 Macaroni Grill  Sherrie & Steve Coffey

Elisabeth's birthday dinner.  The ambiance was excellent, the food tasty and the wine good. 

Right:  Marty Hathaway (Florida), Steve Reed (Illinois), Alex Donaghy (Colorado), Marie-Claude Lussier and Michel Beauchemin (Quebec, Canada), Mike Britt, Sheri & Steve Coffey (all three from Florida), Isabelle Lussier & Michel Proulx (Quebec, Canada) Eric Dufour & Elisabeth Guerin (Florida), Scott Baxter (Illinois) and Rob Catto (Florida).

All photos of the Bday dinner are from Alain Harvey

 Sheri and Steve Coffey.

 Michel & Mike

 Alex Donaghy, Steve Reed and Marie-Claude

New friends:  Michel Beauchemin and Mike Britt.

Alex Donaghy, Steve Reed and Marie-Claude Lussier (Michel' Beauchemins girlfriend). 

Alex trained with Eric Dufour in 2005 and he has now over 600 flights.  You can see his testimonial by clicking here <-----

Michel Proulx

Michel Proulx, from Montreal, learned to fly his powered paraglider with Eric a year ago and concluded his training with 50 flights !

This month Michel came back with his girlfriend and was able to manage his vacation to accomodate the best of both worlds:  He flew in the morning while Isabelle slept late and then they both spent time together the rest of the day. 


Elisabeth Guerin & Eric Dufour
 Florida Beach

The Dufours After a happy birthday song for her.

For her birthday, Elisabeth spent a nice and relaxing day at the beach alone with her husband Eric (well, almost alone).