Paratour - Happy
May 2011

Mike, Mark, Matt with Eric. 
As an instructor, say this on a field:  Mike, Mark, Matt. ;-)

Mike Apple, our record man with 102 flights during his 11 days of training, came back for...  more training... 
This time, to become a PPG instructor. 
He currently is a hanglider instructor at Kitty Hawks, in North Carolina, and also rapidly became a talented paramotor pilot.
Mark Anzil from Florida, and Mathew Broms from Georgia, learned to fly with Eric last May.  Mark completed his training with 46 flights and Mat with 26 flights, as he had to leave earlier than expected. Mike Apple, Alain Harvey and Mark Anzil
during a good morning session.

Mike assisting Eric on teaching, including helping Brian Anderson on the important task of ground handling. 
Brian chose a Titanium Ultra Moster and a Power Pluto II wing.

Here, he was assisting Matt into learning how to safely start his engine.  Matt chose a Kangook paramotor and a Power Pluto II.

Mike, nailing the target, on a spot landing friendly contest.

Rod Ternovsky enjoying his new Power Pluto II 18 meters with the advertisement lettering of his PPG school made by Paratour.
Joe Onofrio, from Colorado, sharing the air with us over the St John's river.
After his flight, he said really liked Elisabeth's Kangook trike.
Thanks for the nice picture Joe!  It has been nice having you here.

Lynn Malbury trying the Ultra Moster.
Dell Miller, owner of an Ultra 130 and a Power Pluto II, Bob Gaskins, owner of a Kangook Polini and Power Pluto II, Brad Powell and Alain Harvey.

These Bad Apple members had only positive comments after trying the Ultra 130 and the powerful Ultra Moster, which currently,
is the lightest and most powerful engine for its weight/ratio combination.


Steve Coffey passing by. 

Minutes later, Steve again.
Steve going in the water after spiraling a little too low over the river.  No worries the pilot is OK and the water was shallow.  Steve flies with an Agama flotation device. 

Steve waiting for the parabarge to rescue him from his predicament.

The rescue team; Mark and Mike.

While drying out, Steve explains his water landing to Mike. 

After Beach Blast, Mike Campbell Jones and Emilia Plak came for a visit
before returning to Europe.  Mike had a few things to sew.

Of course, a visit at the river, Emilia's first one. 
Here on the parabarge with Alain Harvey.

Jeff  Weiss, from Florida, who is already a paraglider pilot, came for a training to transition to motor flight
and did 20 successful flights before going back home confident.

One of Elisabeth's repairs

Post incident canopy inspection Post incident lines inspection followed by the replacement
of the damaged lines and lines symmetry inspection.
The repair Flight test by Eric Dufour

Interesting video:  CFD Paraglider Wing

Video of the new “Flash Starter” for the Thor engine, by Polini:

We are Polini dealers and sell the Flash starter.  Contact us for more info:

The ParaFlyers of Florida
Edited by Al Baldwin!

Bikini's and Flying at Disappearing Island
Edited by Tim Gaskins:

Visiting and flying with the Paraflyers
Edited by Tim Gaskins

Marty Hathaway's Picassa pictures of May:

Lake Harney Woods 5-14-2011

Cedar Knoll 5-21-2011

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