Paratour - Happy
September in Florida

Arriving at the field by the St-John's River

Eric and Rod


Eric Dufour and Rod Ternovsky sharing the air together.
(Picture by Leslie Britt)

6 years ago, Rod has been trained by Eric as a pilot and became an excellent one. 
He recently completed his training with Eric to become an instructor.  His school is located in Jacksonville, Florida.
Eric Dufour Teaching to Rod Ternovsky Rod Ternovsky preparing Mike Britt for another tow flight
Rod learning how to tow.  Rod preparing Mike Britt for a tow flight
Mike Britt's tow flight Mike Britt havin fun with the mini Harley

Mike towed by Rod and photographed by Marty Hathaway

6'4" tall Mike Britt had fun with the mini Harley we normally
used to bring back the tow line. 
Well, he actually brought back the line, but with a big kiddy smile.


 Eric Dufour Teaching tandem piloting to Rod Ternovsky

Eric Dufour Teaching tandem piloting to Rod Ternovsky
Eric instructing Rod on his first tandem flight as a pilot. 
Leslie Britt, a confirmed pilot was his passenger.

Rod and Leslie taking off

All pictures of Rod and Leslies' tandem flight
are from Marty Hathaway
Flying tandem at the St John's river

A happy landing

  The end of our morning flights

Return of the two parabarges after the flights.


One of the many happy landings they did at the River that day.

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