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The St John's River area Marty Hathaway

(Picture by Steve Durgins)

Flying over the St John river area.  



(Picture by Leslie Britt)
Marty Hathaway goofing around.

Marty learned to fly with Eric Dufour in 2003 and has been
2nd place at the first US national PPG competitions.
He is also an excellent photographer and... a dear friend.

Rob Catto

Rob Catto (one of our local pilots) parawaiting.


Rod Ternovski Tandem
  Rod Ternovsky flying tandem with his brand new Power Pluto II with the logo we made for him.  Rod, who is an excellent pilot,  is a certified USPPA instructor and has a school in Jacksonville:

Ranger Bo Steeve Coffey
Ranger Bo, from Colorado, had an emergency landing.  Steve Coffey quickly landed and came to the rescue. 
(Pictures by Marty Hathaway)

Rescuing Ranger Bo

Richard's first solo flight (landing).   

Richard's first solo flight


Elisabeth_Guerin_Flying_Her_New_Kangook KX1
Elisabeth ready to take-off with her Power Pluto II 18 meters and new KX1 Kangook trike. 


Return after the flights

Return of the two parabarges after nice morning flights.     

Marty Hathaway, Danny Goldbach, Tom Evers,  
Rob Catto's back, Richard and Nelson Cummings.  


Return after the flights

Marty Hathaway's PPG Picassa Album October 30th 2010

Marty Hathaway's PPG picassa Album October 31st 2010

Marty Hathaway's PPG picassa Album November 20th & 21st 2010

Marty Hathaway's PPG picassa Album December 4th 2010