Paratour - Happy
Some of our Visitors during the last Weeks.
Eric Dufour and Frank Savignac
     (picture by Johanne Savignac)


Frank Savignac     
(picture by Marty Hathaway)
Eric welcomed our Canadian friends Franck Savignac, (paramotor instructor in New Brunswick) and his lovely wife Johanne, with pool stick.  Him and Frank use to play pool at night, after the flights.  They are a good competition for Lance Marczak. ;-)
 Frank enjoying flying over the nice sceneries of the St John river.



Michael O'Daniel with his Ultra 130 paramotor

Alain Harvey
Michael O'Daniel' (instructor in Virginia) enjoyed his weekend of flights and the camaraderie when he came to pick up with his bran new Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor.  There is lots of thrust for this very light unit!
Alain Harvey from Quebec, Canada, visits us during the Canadian winter months.
 Ranger Bo  Ranger Bo
Ranger Bo, from Colorado, uses to come down for few weeks during winter.

 Jacques and Sonya Lessard

                         Jacques and Sonya Lessard from Quebec, Canada

                                   Jacques & Sonya are the two last on the right

Jacques and Sonya Lessard
 Jacques flew with us at the St John river and they left for scubadiving with sharks in the Bahamas for few days before returning to Florida. 
 Derridk Davidson and Steve Durgins

    Derrick Davidson   
 (Picture by Steve Durgins)

  Derrrick Davidson and Steve Durgins, from the Tampa area, Florida.

 Derrick Davidson enjoying his new Power Pluto II over the St John river
Gunter Wilkens  Bud Johnson
 Guenter Wilkens from Florida.
Bud Johnson from Louisiana.  As always, it has been a real pleasure having him with  us.
 Thaksgiving dinner

Our joyful thanksgiving dinner at Mike Britt's place. 

From left to right, by the window:  Leslie Britt and Rod Ternovsky (Florida), Jeff Goin (Illinois), Bud Johnson (Louisiana), Steve Coffey, Elisabeth Guerin, Luis Britt (all 3 from Florida).

From Laft to right front row: Gilles Desnoyers, Alain Harvey, Mariuz Dragomir and Marco Fontaine (all 4 from Quebec, Canada), Dan Goldstein, Mrs Ternovsky and Ann Britt (all 3 from Florida). 


(Picture by Eric Dufour)