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Jeff Tocci's & Michael Croteau's PPG training with Eric Dufour
Among our students in October, we had Jeff Tocci from Louisiana and Michael Croteau from Winconsin, coming here for a full training. 
 Training at the St John's River area
Picture by Marty Hathaway
 Preparing to fly
They botn enjoy the training and also the nice sceneries of the St John`s river area and of course, the camaradery among the local pilots.
Michael trained on a Paratrike and a Prima 4 glider.
 Training at the St John's River area  Michael Croteau in Flight
Picture by Marty Hathaway Picture by Marty Hathaway
 Jeff Tocci Flying his PPG on trike  Michael Croteau after landing
Jeff came for a training on a trike and foot launch with his Kangook PPG and trike. 
 We could easily see how much Michael enjoyed being in the air.
 Jeff Tocci  After the flights
With his Power Pluto glider, not only has he a good wing for a beginner, but he will not get bored with it when with more experience.
 Loading the parabarge after good flights:  Jeff, Elisabeth & Michael

Michael completed his training with 47 flights and Jeff with 62 flights, including 32 on trike.

Once back home, both sent us their testimonial. 
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This picture has been taken right after their PPG training has been officially completed: 
Michael Croteau, Eric Dufour & Jeff Tocci.