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Jeff Goin's visit
12/25/2010 ~ 1 comment

                                                          Jeff Goin is not at his first visit here and as usual, this is nice seeing him.

Jeff Goin's Visit
                  Alain Harvey, Jeff Goin, Eric Dufour and Steve Coffey

Jeff tried the new Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor and the new Power Pluto II 18 meters from Axis. 

Jeff Goin's review on the Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor on the FootFlyer Website

Jeff Goin's revies on the Power Pluto II 18 meters wing on the FootFlyer Website


Jeff Goin and Eric Dufour


Jeff Goin
         Jeff Goin carving up the Power Pluto II 18 meters 

Tim Kaiser, Jeff Goin, Eric Dufour

Tim Kaiser flying the Power Pluto 18 meters

Tim Kaiser

Tim Kaiser, from Illinois was there too and he tried Elisabeth's
Power II Pluto 18 meters.

 Jeff Goin

Jeff also filmed Rod Ternovsky (paramotor instructor in Jacksonville, Florida) flying tandem with Leslie Britt (paramotor pilot) as a passenger.  Some of this fotage should end up on the Series of Master PPG.

Rod Ternovsky, Jeff Goin

      Some briefing before the takes (Rod, Jeff and Leslie on the background)

 Leslie Britt, Rod Ternovsky and Jeff Goin                          Leslie Britt, Rod Ternovsky and Jeff Goin

ERic Dufour

 Jeff Goin fliming Eric Dufour

Jeff Goin filming Eric Dufour taking-off with his Power Vega II glider and Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor.

<-- Jeff needed a scene about landing on an object and asked Eric to land on the Parabarge.

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Author: Lena - 05/25/2011
What a joy to find someone else who thinks this way.