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Ripair Werner Lines Measurement System Werner Lines Measurement System

At RipAir glider shop in France latst summer

Last summer, during her visit at RipAir (the biggest glider shop worldwide), Elisabeth was impressed by the PLMG Worner electronic line measurement system used there.  It is very precise, with a margin error of less than 2mm.  All measurements are
made with a great precision and  computorised.  Because of its price, it is mostly used by Paraglider manufacturers.

Eric Dufour, Steven Coffey and Glen Boyd installing the line measuring system at our shop.

We recently acquired the PLMG Worner electronic lines measurement system at our glider shop.  We are the only ones in North America to use it and the lucky # 100 to have one worldwide.  Our closest neighbour using this system is Sol Paragliders, in Brazil. 

 Werner Lines Measurement System  Werner Lines Measurement System
Steven Coffey who is knowledgeable in hardware, Glen Boyd who masters the Excel program, and Eric making sure that all works well. This system is complex to install, but very easy to use.  It brings great precision, thus  avoiding human mistakes.
 Gamaged Paraglider  Repaired Paraglider
  One of Elisabeth's repairs in April.
 BowlingInstead of a saturday night by the bon fire, we decided to go bowling and finish up the evening with a nice meal. -------->  Dinner after Bowling
Left to right:  Rob Catto, Frank and Johanne Savignac, Jennifer Britt and her boyfriend, Mike Britt, Josh Tylor, Marty Hathaway, Kimberly Hathaway, Sherie Coffey (who got the highest score on bowling), Sherie's sister, Elisabeth Guerin, Eric Dufour and Alain Harvey.   That evening , Alain became an official member of the Para-Flyers. 
 Mike Britt's Birthday

Mike Britt's Birthday was celebrated at  the famous Dixy Freeway restaurant.
Front row from left: Tom Evers, Jack Kimble, Eric Dufour, Capt. Don Andrews, Rod Ternovsky, Mrs. Goldbach.
Back row from left:  Leslie Britt, Alain Harvey, Steve and Sherie Coffey, Elisabeth Guerin, Mike Britt, Marty Hathaway, Rob Catto and Scott Adair.

 Dinner with Illinois guys
  Another nice dinner was had at Macaroni Grill with visiting friends from Illinois:
Left to right:  Tim Kaiser, Jeff Goin, Mike Britt, Scott Clark, Eric and Elisabeth.

 Jacques Tremblay  Jacques Tremblay & Eric Dufour
Jacques Tremblay, one of Eric's old friends (since high school), who also was a paramotor instructor for Paratour in the 90s, came from Canada for a visit with his van during a short trip nearby.  Of course, Jacques and Eric had good chats reminiscing of good times had.
 Jacques Tremblay  Jacques Tremblayenjoyed flying the Kangook with the Power Pluto
 Jacques treated himself with a good flight over the nice St John river's area with a Kangook Polini paramotor and a Power Pluto II wing. 
 Jacques Tremblayenjoyed flying the Kangook with the Power Pluto  Kerry Kerwin
He really enjoyed his flight and found the Kangood very comgortable and the Power Pluto II very easy to take-off, lots of fun to fly and predictable (which makes it more fun). 
He said he wants his next wing to be a Power Pluto.
 Kevin Kerwin came with his nice Moskito helicopter for a visit at the field.

 Eric Flying High over the St John's river.

This picture of the nice St John's river has been taken by Eric Dufour at a high altitude

Marty Hathaway Picassa April 3rd

Marty April 9th

 Marty Hathaway Flting Low

This one is from Marty Hathaway...  but from a much lower altitude.

  Bad Apples Fly-In

Except for one, all following pictures are from Marty Hathaway


Mike Britt, Marty Hathaway, and Alain arrived at this nice flying site in Georgia in Mike's mororhome.  The XCitor was well attached on the trailer in the back. 

                           Wonder how Mike Britt placed it there...? ---->


This fly-in was held in this beautiful field owned by Billy Powell.
Every time the air was good, Tim Gaskins (Bad Apple #17) was up there. The same for Bob Gaskins, Tim's identical twin.  Both fly an identical Kangook Polini paramotor and a Power Pluto wing.


 Mike Britt anjoying the Georgian air.  Eric Dufour, Alain Harvey and Mike Britt having lunch.

The ambiance was convivial, fun and relaxed. 
When the sky was not so inviting, the guys simply played with another toys!  Bob Gaskins here.  Jason Shane gave Patricia McMahon a fun ride.
During the fly-in, there was nearby a major RC gathering nearby.  Of course, everyone had to go see it.

  Eric Dufour
Eric Dufour (bad Aple # 20) enjoying his time watching other flying toys.

                              This picture is by Eric Dufour

Left to right:  Marty Hathaway, Lyn Malburay (BA #7), Bob Gaskins, Dell Miller and Alain Harvey

 By the lake, Billy Powell's mill.
 Mike and other pilots enjoyed visiting the installations.  Billy Powell kindly explained the way they process corn meal.
 The finished product.  3 generations of Powells:  Brad, Billy and Bo.

Tim Gaskind video on the flights

Another video of the fly-in by Tim Gaskins

Marty Hathaway pictures of this event

Eric Dufour gave a few rides to pilot's wife with the XCitor and here is a short video from David Jacksin when his wife Stacy went up with Eric:

tracy goes on a flight with the legendary eric dufour in a excitor on a pg wing!!!! done at georgia's very on beautiful scenery on a perfect spring morning.


But the highlight of this event was Steve Barrett's flight with Eric:

Video of Steve flying with Eric - Edited by Tim Gaskins

Here is what Tim Gaskins wrote on the ppgbiglist (message # 79351) on April 18th 2011.

"This week I honestly found out what this sport is all about and I can tell you that even though flying is part of it, in my opinion, it is a small part. I was humbled to see the caliber of the people and friends that came together to not only help a fellow friend but to keep his love for this sport alive.  This last weekend the BadApples had a fun fly in Buena Vista, GA. The idea for this event started about year ago.  Our main goal was to get our brother BadApple Steve Barrett in the air again.

For those of you that don't know, Steve a fellow pilot and instructor had a bad accident about three and a half years ago doing what he loved to do, fly. It has been a long road back for Steve just to get to the point where he is today.  But he has never given up his love or desire to get back in the air.  So, with that in mind we started coming up with a plan to make his desire a reality. 

Now this was going to take a lot of personal sacrifice, time and resources from our fellow brother PPGer's and friends.  You really get humbled when you approach someone like Eric Dufour or a Mike Britt knowing how busy they are with their business and ask them if they could help and with out any hesitation you hear, how can we help. 

Or Brad Powell who offers a place to hold the event.  And then you have Mark Maupin who on his own raises money to help out with some of the expenses. 

Let's not forget guys like Marty Hathaway who instead of flying, stays on the ground and takes those pictures that make the rest of us feel good when we see things like the joy on Steve's face. 

Or Bruce Erion who always meets you with a smile and then makes you forget about your troubles for a while when he tells you a story or a joke or turns into a Super Hero. I am humbled and proud to call guys like these my friends.

Thanks to all who helped bring a smile to Steve's face."

Tim BA#17



Bo Powell did not really appreciate having Captain America (Bruce Erion - Bad Apple #1) among the attendees.  Well, as Capt. America. 

  What a great Saturday evening with pilots from Georgia and Florida!
 Brad Powell, Steve Barrett and Bo, Brad's son. Mark Lowerson (Bad Apple #3) with son Liam.
Capt. America (Bruce Erion) and Mike Britt. 
             Tim Garkins, Capt. America (Bruce Erion) and David Jackson

The highlight of that evening was the ordination by Capt America of two new members of the Bad Apples:  Mike Britt, from Florida, BA # 27 and David Jackson from Georgia, BA # 28.

Courtney, Brad Powell's wife, Terry, David Jackson's wife and Brandon Shane

Everyone had a good time watching the ceremony.  Well, we all know what a great entertaines Bruce Erion is.

Brandon Shane and Bob Gaskins                         Terry Jackson, Brandon Shane and Tim Gaskins


 Brad Powell, Steve Barrett and Brad's son, Bo.

From L to R, front row sitting:
Brad Powell, Tim Gaskins (BA # 17), Susan (Bob Gaskins wife), Marty Hathaway, Bob  Gaskins (BA # 24).
2nd Row Sitting: L to R
Dell Miller (BA # 21), Eric Dufour (BA # 20), Bruce Erion (BA #1), Steve Barrett (BA #6),
Standing, L to R:
Rockwell Smith, David Jackson (BA # 28), Alain Harvey, Mike Britt (BA # 27), Ray McManon, Michael Malcom, Brandon Shane (BA # 19), Jamie Brooks, Jason Shane (BA # 18) who is holding Bo Powell.

 Bastien Dufour's Solo with the Green Eagle

Maynard Amdahl with his friend Tom after his solo on a Green Eagle.

This picture dates back a few months but worth mentionning: Maynard Amdahl, from Iowa, trained with Eric Dufour, to learn to fly his Green Eagle last fall.  Last December, while vacationing in Florida with friend Tom and their respective wives, he brought Tom here for a solo flight with Eric.

Bastien Dufour (Eric's brother) came for a week long vacation during Spring Break and took the opportunity to solo on a Green Eagle.  He liked being in the air so much, he decided to further his training but foot launch instead of triking.

Bastien Dufour's Solo with the Ultra 130

Pictures of Bastien's foot launch training by Axel Charles-Messance

Up and left:  Bastien's first foot launch solo.

At 180 lbs and the 47 lbs Titanium Ultra 130 that has more power than a Ross 125, his training has been much easier.  We ave to add that the Power Pluto II is very easy to inflate, stable and fun to fly. 

Bastien had a great week with all of us and flew as much as he could during his stay.

Bastien Dufour's Solo with the Ultra 130

 Glen Wyatt

 Glen Wyatt

Glen Wyatt, from Mississippi, came for a week of training, during which his wife and kids enjoyed the warm Florida weather and the beach.  He made sure that his week of paramotor was also a nice vacation time for his family and every evening, after a good day of training and flying, he could enjoy good moments with his loved ones. 

 Glen Wyatt
All pictures of Glen Wyatt's training by Axel Charles-Messance

 Glen Wyatt

After 52 flights in 6 days, Glen left safe and confident in his piloting skills.


He is also quite happy with his choice of equipment: :  A Titanium Ultra with Polini engine paramotor and a Power Pluto II wing.

See Glen's testimonial <---


Mariusz and Michael

Mariusz Debiki and his son Michael.            Photo by Marty Hathaway.

Marius & Michael from Canada

Mariusz and Michael enjoying the beautiful scenery the St. John's River offers.

Photo by Axel Charles-Messance

Same time last year, Mariusz, a Canadian paramotor pilot, visited us with son Michael, then 14 years old, so Michael could enjoy the freedom of flight.  After a week of training with Eric, Michael completed 45 flights. 

This year they both came for a paramotoring vacation during Spring Break and we certainly hope to see them again next year !

 Alain's Turtle

Alain Harvey's turtle.  Marty Hathaway, who just happened to be flying by, couldn't help himself in capturing the glorious moment.

We had a very nice visit with Axel Charles-Messance, a French globetrotter reporter, currently living in Maryland.  Flying a paramotor since 1989 makes Axel one of the very first flyers of our sport. 

You can visit his website to learn more about his adventures and reports.  During his stay, Axel bought himself a Power Pluto II which he really enjoys.

Before leaving, Axel left us some very nice pictures of his visit.

St John's river

Another of those relaxing evenings after great flights.

Left back to front: Bastien Dufour (Ontario, Canada), Frank Savignac, New Brunswick, Canada), Glen Wyatt (Mississippi), Eric Dufour, Mariusz and Michael Debiki (Quebec, Canada), Mike Britt (Florida), Michel Proulx and his girlfriend Isabelle Lussier (Quebec, Canada), Elisabeth Guerin and Axel Charles-Messance (Maryland).


Pictures of the morning fog by Axel Charles-Messance

St John's river

St John's river
Photos of the field and the river by Axel Charles-Messance

 St John's river
Training at the St John's River area  Mark Renkens on his Kangook Ross

 The training field.

 Mark Renkens, from Florida, enjoying his Kangook Ross 100.
 Shaun McKenna

Shaun McKenna's picture

Rob Catto followed by Marty Hathaway along the river.

Those two pictures are by Shaun McKenna (Massachussetts) during his latest visit.

Thanks for the nice pics Shaun and your're welcome here any time!

 St John's river

Air boat rides by Midways, a very professional team.

Marty does pretty good pictures also, such as these two up and on the right.

Photos by Marty Hathaway

Steve Coffey never misses an opportunity to fly with us during the weekend.......>

 Steve Coffey
 Eric Dufour flying his Power Vega III  Eric Dufour ground handling his Power Vega III
Eric ground handling

 Eric Dufour enjoying the great performances of his Power Vega III paraglider from Axis. 

 Before Elisabeth Guerin's Repair  Elisabeth Guerin's wing tip Repair
  One of Elisabeth's repair this month:  a wing tip reconstruction.
 Before Elisabeth Guerin's Repair  Elisabeth Guerin's wing tip Repair

 Rod Ternovsky's 1st student

Rod Ternovski's first official student

Pictures of Tim's solo by Leslie Britt

Rod, a skilled ppg pilot, learned to fly with Eric Dufour and later also learned from him how to teach paramotor.  He is now a USPPA instructor and his school is located in Jacksonville, Florida: Experience PPG 
( )

Rod Ternovsky's 1st student

 On his solo day, Tim did his very first flight and four more after for a total of 5.  He did very well with all his stand-up landings and great technique.  On his next training day, he got in 5 more flights.  Last Sunday he got in 6 more flights.  As those lines are written, Tim has now 16 successful flights under his belt and still more days of training left.  Congrats on your first student Rod and congrats and welcome to the group Tim !

More photos of Tim's training can be found at

 Scott Baxter & Steve Reed

Scott Baxter (left) and Steven Reed , 2nd place at the PPG US National Competitions  (right), both from Chicago area, came to train and get their USPPA instructor rating through Eric Dufour. 

They learned, did well and went back home being officially USPPA instructors.

 Scott Baxter & Steve Reed
 Scott and Steve learning the art of teaching ground handling.

Scott Baxter, Marty Hathaway and Steve Reed

They also received the "near miss" gator tipping badges from Marty as well.

Photo by Frank Savignac

 X Country by the St John's river

On their last day with us, Scott and Steve enjoyed a nice and long X country flight by the St John's river with some of the local pilots.   

 After the evening flights  Our traditional Saturday dinner

Relaxing after another evening of training and/or flying.

Left to right: Steve Reed, Eric Dufour, Scott Baxter, Sheri and Steve Coffey, Mike Britt and Frank Savignac.

 One of our typical Saturday dinner.

Picture by Marty Johanne Savignac
Mike Britt's new chair  Ranger Bo & David Ingersol

Frank Savignac, Mike Britt and Eric Dufour

First time since childhood that 6'4" Mike Britt felt like a kid after receiving this special chair from Frank & Johanne Savignac.

Photo by Johanne Savignac

Ranger Bo (Colorado) and David Ingersol (Georgia) entertaining us.

Photo by Marty Hathaway
 Marty Hathaway

Marty nicely repairing a prop for a friend.

"If you repair propellers for money is it considered "Propstitution"?" 

Marty Hathaway

See Marty Hathaway's weekly Para-Flyers of Florida flying reports for March:

River Diet

River Pork Chop

Moon River Madness

The River

 Adrian's solo  Adrian

Adrian Roovers' first paramotor solo flight.       Photo by Scott Baxter

On picture:  Alain Harvey, Adrian Rovers (Florida in winter and New York in summer) and Eric Dufour

 Adrian has now 36 flights and his training is not finished yet.
 Macaroni Grill  Sherrie & Steve Coffey

Elisabeth's birthday dinner.  The ambiance was excellent, the food tasty and the wine good. 

Right:  Marty Hathaway (Florida), Steve Reed (Illinois), Alex Donaghy (Colorado), Marie-Claude Lussier and Michel Beauchemin (Quebec, Canada), Mike Britt, Sheri & Steve Coffey (all three from Florida), Isabelle Lussier & Michel Proulx (Quebec, Canada) Eric Dufour & Elisabeth Guerin (Florida), Scott Baxter (Illinois) and Rob Catto (Florida).

All photos of the Bday dinner are from Alain Harvey

 Sheri and Steve Coffey.

 Michel & Mike

 Alex Donaghy, Steve Reed and Marie-Claude

New friends:  Michel Beauchemin and Mike Britt.

Alex Donaghy, Steve Reed and Marie-Claude Lussier (Michel' Beauchemins girlfriend). 

Alex trained with Eric Dufour in 2005 and he has now over 600 flights.  You can see his testimonial by clicking here <-----

Michel Proulx

Michel Proulx, from Montreal, learned to fly his powered paraglider with Eric a year ago and concluded his training with 50 flights !

This month Michel came back with his girlfriend and was able to manage his vacation to accomodate the best of both worlds:  He flew in the morning while Isabelle slept late and then they both spent time together the rest of the day. 


Elisabeth Guerin & Eric Dufour
 Florida Beach

The Dufours After a happy birthday song for her.

For her birthday, Elisabeth spent a nice and relaxing day at the beach alone with her husband Eric (well, almost alone).

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February 2011 at Paratour February 2011 at Paratour

One of Elisaberth's repairs this February.

A new record at Paratour!
Mike Appel did 102 flights during his training

February 2011 at Paratour
Picture by Johane Savignac

February 2011 at Paratour


Michael Appel, hanglider instructor at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina, came to learn to fly power paragliding with Eric Dufour.  He previously had two flight with another instructor, but it was not the type of instructor and training he was looking for.  Mike did 101 flights during his 13 days training with Eric!  

Congrats to Mike, who is our new record man for having done the most flights during a training at Paratour!

February 2011 at Paratour February 2011 at Paratour

 Up:  Joe Hoeffler during his first solo flight.

Joe is from New York and has been refferred to Eric by anacquaintance who is a paramotor pilot since many years.  During his 11 days of training, he accumulated 51 flights; his age.

February 2011 at ParatourPicture from Johanne Savignac

February 2011 at Paratour
Picture from Johanne Savignac

Mike Britt preparing to join Rob Catto in the air.
Training at the nice St-John river area. 

February 2011 at Paratour
Picture from Johanne Savignac
February 2011 at Paratour
Picture from Johanne Savignac

Kerry Kerwin in his new helicopter at our field in Christmas, FL.   
Frank Savignac who is a PPG instructor in New Brunswick, Canada, enjoys flying with us at the river during winter months.

February 2011 at Paratour February 2011 at Paratour
 Joe Hoeffler, Eric Dufour and Gilles Desnoyers in what we call "our PPG candy store".   Eric Dufour instructing Mike and Joe on PPG mechanic.
February 2011 at Paratour

Mike Appel bought an SD 2 Polini paramotor  for its sturdiness, with a Power Pluto II

Joe Hoeffler bought a Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor for its power and also its lightness, with a Power Pluto II paraglider.  This paraglider is very easy to inflate,  stable in flight and a real fun to fly. 

February 2011 at Paratour

Picture from Johanne Savignac

Brent Cook from Florida, completed his training with 35 flights.  He bought himself a nice Kangook with a Polini engine and a Power Pluto II paraglider.


Two months ago, 67 year young Gilles Desnoyers from Quebec, Canada (below) came to learn to fly the Green Eagle, but had to leave earlier than expected.  Last week, he came back to finish his training, adding 16 more flights during few days with Eric, for a total of 47 flights.  He went back home confident.

February 2011 at Paratour

 February 2011 at Paratour

 Gilles Desnoyers and Eric playing pool after the evening flights.


UP: Gilles between two flights during training.

Below:  Gilles ready to go back to Montreal with his brand new Green Eagle in a trailer custom made for his new toy.
Eric Dufour

February 2011 at Paratour

<----Eric Dufour at play.                                            

February 2011 at Paratour

                                  Lyn Malbury and Dell Miller from Georgia

Lyn and Dell came for the weekend to fly over the St-John River with with our local group of pilots and Dell picked up his brand new Titanium Ultra 130 with him on his way back home.

February 2011 at Paratour

Picture by Tim Gaskins

Like every owner of an Ultra 130, Dell likes his unit for the
combination of 135 lbs of thrust and its lightness (47 lbs).

Here is a video where Dell, flying his new Ultra 130 with his Power Pluto II (edited by Tim Gaskins):



More pictures in Marty Hathaway's report of February 27th - A                     More pictures in Marty Hathaway's report of February 27th - B



Valkaria Airfest

February 2011 at Paratour

David Jackson (Georgia) started to shrink while relaxing at the AirFest. ;-)

Video of the Valaria Airfest edited by Tim Gaskins:


February 2011 at Paratour

Scott Adair (picture by Marty Hathaway)

Scott Adair (living in Maine & Florida) is in charge of the PPG crew at the Valkaria AirFest, this yearly fly-in held in February at the Valkaria airport, in Florida.

Great work once again Scott!

Marty Hathaway's report with pictures on the Valkaria AirFest


Except for the two first, all pictures of the Valkaria Airfest are from Johanne Savignac.

February 2011 at Paratour   February 2011 at Paratour  February 2011 at Paratour 
                                  Gyros, planes, hot air balloons, RCs, parachutes, PPGs and PPCs, they were all there for the AirFest.

February 2011 at Paratour February 2011 at Paratour
  Eric Dufour having fun with his Power Vega III paraglider from Axis.
February 2011 at Paratour February 2011 at Paratour
February 2011 at Paratour February 2011 at Paratour
9 of the Bad Apples were there.  Time for a family picture!

From L to R:  Standing Worth McDaniel, Bob Gaskins, Mark Maupin, Eric Dufour, Bruce Erion, Terry Cohen & Tim Gaskins. 

Kneeling L to R: Brandon Shane & David Ingersol.

Eric Dufour and Frank Savignac (Canada) doing an "air Kiss".




February 2011 at Paratour

February 2011 at Paratour

During the fly-in, Tim Parker (from Florida) picked up his repaired paraglider after a close incounter with a kite string.  He flew it there and is very happy with the repair Elisabeth did.  

Up:  Tim holding what has been the damaged area (right) and while kiting it before flying (left).  

Below:  Before the repair.  
February 2011 at Paratour February 2011 at Paratour



 February 2011 at Paratour  February 2011 at Paratour
While training in the simulator with Eric Dufour.

After a week of training, Dan went home with 21 paramotor flights.
 60 year young Dan Chrisholm from Massuchussetts, who is a paraglider pilot, bought himself a Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor because he wanted a light unit, but with enough power to fly him well, and in bonus, the Ultra comes with an electric start! 


Here is some of what Dan wrote on the MAwingnust yahoo ppg forum:

"...Well, I haven't 'face-planted' yet, but still have time. I did sit-down on my 2nd landing. No-wind take-offs are tough with my heavier PG wing; especially when it gets a little wet.

DaveG and Shaun, you two were right; Eric is every bit as good as you said. Never had a flying instructor move me so fast & so hard. I was flying Day2 and doing wingovers Day3.

...Completed my training yesterday with Eric. All went great; my motor, my wing and myself are all in one piece!! I can't say enough about the quality of instruction that I received from Eric. All in all, 2 sitdown landings and one very poor crosswind minor crash. I REALLY don't like forward no-wind launches and like powered landings into the wind.

It was great seeing all of the local ( Atlanta? ) pilots stop by and fly with us. On Saturday there were 9 pilots in the air. Lots of different launch styles!

...I ended up doing 5 spiral dives ( Eric on the radio of course ) and he taught my how to use the b-line stall for high wind wing bring-down after landing. The spiral dives were something. I had a REALLY tough time holding them when I'm spinning fast and looking straight down at the ground! And the 'exit' surge is interesting also. Luckily, I wore some 'dark' colored pants! :)

...Lol, no 'gator tipping'. He had enough problems breaking down some of my PG 'skills' ( like torpedo position ) enough to keep me from putting my hands into the prop; and I still pull my hands too far back on my landing flare. Yeah, he NEVER stoppped pushing. Even the last day he made me do 'one more forward' just cuz he knows I hate them. What REALLY amazed me was all the 'little' skills that he taught me so easily; a good example is building a wall. Now you'd think that after flying PG almost a year that I'd know how to build a wall correctly; nope. No one ever told me NOT to use the breaks in building the wall. In the PG world I was always told to hold the wing down with the brakes so that I don't get blown away by the hurricane winds that MAY be in the area. Man I built some ugly walls.....

...I'll take you up on that 'no wind' demo sometime. I'm afraid once my heavy PG 28 meter wing is wet, even Eric couldn't get it up. But if it's dry, I agree, with the right technique, it should be doable.

I don't think I'm qualified to give you good input on my motor, but I'll try. All the other flyers were jealous because of the 47 lbs and the electric start ( starts fantastic! ). I got the ABM harness and there is very little torque ( even Eric thought this and plans to buy one for himself ). Weight shift does work and Eric feels that if I put a reserve on the right side, it'll counter any torque nicely..."


And for the end of this page, here are pictures of the last launch of the Discovery shuttle (few miles away from us) kindly provided by Johanne Savignac. 
Discovery's Last Launch Discovery's Last Launch
Discovery's Last Launch February 2011 at Paratour
Discovery's Last Launch Discovery's Last Launch
Discovery's Last Launch Discovery's Last Launch
Discovery's Last Launch  


Picture from Jojanne Savignac
03/01/2011 ~ 1 comment

Once again we had a great time at the Salton Sea fly-in in California, where attended PPG pilots from all over the US and also from other countries from different continents.

There is allot of work involved in the preparation of a fly-in and once again, Mike and Michelle Robinson did a great job.  We all had a great time at this fly-in in the desert.  Good weather to fly every day, nice sceneries, beautiful sunsets, the camaderie (of course) and great hosts. 

*Except for two of them, all pictures are from Elisabeth Guerin

 Salton Sea 2011  

Salton Sea 2011

 Michelle Robinson with her daughter and Rick Hallowes (California).  Paul Lundquist (Minnesota), Alex Donaghy (Colorado) and Mark MacWhirter (California).
 Salton Sea 2011  Manta
 It was nice seeing Jeff Hamman flying his nice manta wing, made by Boguslaw Pelczar, whom we consider as the master in special shapes for paragliders.
 Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011
 Brian Shaw (Arizona), Jeff Goin (Illinois) and Jeff Hamman (California).  Sue Moser, from New Mexico.  Her and her husband kirk, flew their Green Eagles all weekend.  Remember that we mentionned their PPG wedding last summer on our blog?
 Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011
 Elisabeth with Luis Pabon, Milton Santiago and Yamil Quinones, all from Puertorico.  Alex Varv presented the Kangook with the Black Devil engine and a new arness made in USA.
 Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011
 On fly-ins, our Floridian group uses a to make a PPG train to transport our equipments on the flying site.  Right before another great evening flight, Mike Britt was the driver and Marty Hathaway, the passenger.
 Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011
Shimi Yacoby (California), who is Elisabeth's client, kindly offered her a ride from the flying zone to the camp ground, on the hood of his already filled jeep.  It is nice never grewing up! Many pilots brought their 4 wheelers.  Here we see Jeff Goin chatting with Mark MacWhirter.  BTW, Mark enjoys flying his new  Titanium Ultra 130.  He says he is very happy with it.
 Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011 
  The light and powerful Titanium Ultra 130 and 180 paramotors kept the attention of many. 
 Salton Sea 2011 Comps  Salton Sea 2011

 During the event, was held the US national competitions, sponsored by the USPPA and directed by Eric Dufour.  This year, Dave Fore won the 1st place.  Congrats Dave!

 David Fore (Texas) and Lance Marczak (Illinois).  Lance uses to play pool with Eric Dufour when they meet.  It became a tradition.
 Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011 
 Famous 72 year young John Fetz (Arizona - Mr. Prop Repairs himself) kited a bit his almost like new Edel Corvett paraglider made in 1990.  Casey Caldwell (California) trying the Titanium Ultra.
Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011
 Friday night, in Mike Britt's RV, Marty Hathaway (Florida) helped  Alain Harvey (Quebec, Canada) to prepare the dinner.  This one was special, as it was for Rob Catto's (Florida) birthday.  Rob (on the right) turned the big 5 O (Welcome in the group!).  In the center, Dmitry Kuperschmidt (New York - MAH Propellers) and Mike Britt (Florida) on the right.
Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011
During Rob's birthday dinner:  Jack Kimble (Florida), Christiane "CC" Moisan (Quebec, Canada), Eric Dufour (Florida) and BJ Grault (Florida). Jeanie & Bob "Bubba" Peters (Colorado & Arizona)
with Greg Haag (Indiana) in the center.
Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011
Phil Russman (California - preparing to film the ground handling contest.  One of the highlights of this fly-in is surely the ground handling contest.  Colorfull and fun to watch. 

The Nirvana pilots did a great night show, but we have unfortunately no pictures of it.
Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011
 The Saturday night banquet, was an other joyful moment.  This year again, the RCs, Michelle Daniele (New Mexico) and our famous PPG Morron Paul Anthem (Indiana), entertained us with success.  Paul even sang!  The band "The Pilot Project" from New Mexico, with Michelle Daniele as lead signer, played a fun PPG song.  This band is made by PPG pilots who are -or were- for the most part, professional musicians.
 Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011
Our table. The group of PPG pilots from Puerto Rico.
Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011

 Eric Dufour and Michael Purdy (California & Mexico) announcing who are the 2011 PPG national cometition winners.

Jeff Goin, Pawel Brezina (from Czech Republic) and Eric Dufour.

This year, Jeff won the 3rd place and Pawel the 4th at the US national competitions.

A big tank you to the Paratoys team for this great weekend!


Oisin Creagh 's video on the this fly-in where we can get a good flavor of the 2011 PPG national competitions:


See more pictures on Marty Hathaway's reports:

Departure for Salton Sea from Florida: "Salton Sea Express"

Phoenix Day 3

Flying over the Glamis Sand Dunes

Salton Sea

Salton Sea - Day 3

Salton Sea - Feb 6th

On the way back - Sedona

Sedona - Playing Tourist

Sedona - El Passo

Gardner Sod Farm

Back Home

 Salton Sea 2011

Brian Thivierge (California), who did a good job with the design of this year's Salton Sea's fly-in T-shirts.





Joe and Rob

Good friends Joe Ventura and Rob Moffett, from Florida.   

Joe finished his training with Eric Dufour with 70 flights and Rob with 46.

Eric Dufour test flying the equipment before Joe's fisrt solo flight
                             Picture by Marty Hathaway

Joe is a happy camper with his new Kangook Polini paramotor and Power Pluto II wing.

                                 Joe's first solo flight

 Joe Ventura's solo flight
Picture by Marty Hathaway                        

Joe during training                             

Rob Moffett enjoying the air  
 Joe Ventura

                                 Picture by Marty Hathaway

Robert Moffett

Tim & Bob Gaskins

Identical twins, Tim and Bob Gaskins, with their identical Kangook Polini paramotors.  They both fly a Power Pluto, but of a different color.

With their permission, here is a copy of their e-mail recently received:

"Eric, I felt that I needed to write you and express my gratitude for the great training you gave my brother Bob.

I am not one for long or lengthy letters so I will tell you what I told Bob when he asked me who should he get his training from? I told him, "I would go to Eric Dufour.

I also told him that "I would drive across the country to get trained by Eric."

But I think the best way I could sum it up is when asked by other PPGers why not go to someone closer? I said " because he is my brother."

Thanks again Eric, you made one of my dreams come true, I am now flying with my Twin brother. "

Tim Gaskins, BadApple #17 Atlanta, Georgia


I want to say thank you but words cannot express just how much.  I am so happy that you allowed me the privilage to come down and be trained by you.  Your professionalism is unsurpassed by anyone.  How you were truly concerned not only with my training but most of all with my saftey as well. 

Since I left and have had the opportunity to fly with others, I can now see why training with some one like you was the right thing to do.  I now get to fly with my brother and that is a dream I thought might not happen.  I hope my other brothers will give it a try as well. 

Eric and Elizabeth thank you so much for making me feel like family and for helping me to live the dream."    

Bob Gaskins

Jeff Thompson, proud owner of an Ultra 130 Gilles Desnoyers
 Jeff Thompson from Florida is now the proud owner of an Ultra 130. 
Gilles Desnoyers from Quebec, Canada, 67 years young, in training on the Green Eagle with Eric.

 Tom Evers, Carlos Curti and Rockwell Smith

                       Tom Evers & Carlos Curti, both from Florida,
                         and Rockwell Smith from Georgia

 Tom Evers and Alain Harvey
  Tom Evers and Alain Harvey (from Quebec, Canada).  On the background, Steve Coffey (from Florida) and Eric Dufour on the Green Eagle.
 Shaun McKenna  Elisabeth Guerin
          Elisabeth Guerin en route for a nice evening flight.
 Shaun McKenna, from Massassuchetts,
in advance training with Eric Dufour

 Jim's Solo  Eric Dufour and Glen Boyd from Canada

Jim Brenner, from Florida, just after his first solo flight.  He finished his training with 35 flights and flies a Power Pluto II glider with a Kangook Polini paramotor.

Glen Boyd from New Brunswick, Canada, after another nice landing.

 Syrius Mesdaghi  Sunset after the flights
Syrius Mesdaghi, from Washinton DC, on his first solo flight
under Dufour's instruction
Picture by Sam Nash.

Return after the flights.

Eric flying the Moster for the first time (on Marty Hathaway's Picassa Album)

Denise's Tandem flight with Eric on the Ultra Moster 180 and a Power Pluto 38 meters ovet the St John's river - Pictures by Marty Hathaway.

Little video of Eric Dufour (170 lbs - 77kg) flying tandem with Mike Britt (250 lbs - 115 kg).  They fly with a Moster 180 Titanium from Air Conception and a Power Pluto 38 meters from Axis.  This was Mike's a very first tandem flight:


Tim Gaskins came from Georgia with his twin brother Bob when he recently trained with Eric and when Tim tried his brogher's Kangook paramotor with a Polini engine,  Tim ordered us one for himself.

When he came back to pick it up, some of his Georgian flying buddies came along and of course, we all had a great time together.    


 Tim Gaskins and Eric Dufour

Tim Gaskins on the parabarge with Eric Dufour, after a good morning of flights with the guys at the river.

Jerry Hunnicutt

Jerry Hunnicutt at Cracker Barrel after the morning flights, for a good breakfast with the pilots.
Tim Gaskins
 David Jackson
Tim, during one of his many evening flights at the St John's river. David Jackson enjoyed flying our demo Action GT from Paramania.

 Dell Miller

                         Dell Miller flying his brand new Power Pluto II.

 Visit from Georgia pilots                            Around the table after a nice evening of flights.

Starting from left:  Tim Gaskins, Jerry Hunnicutt, Sam shaw, Steven Coffey, Eric Dufour, David Jackson and Alain Harvey. 

After trying it here, Dell Miller went back home with his own Power Pluto II

St John's river

                                                 The St John's river

Video of this trip edited by Tim Gaskins:


Eric Dufour and Frank Savignac
     (picture by Johanne Savignac)

Frank Savignac

                          (picture by Marty Hathaway)

Eric welcomed our Canadian friends Franck Savignac, (paramotor instructor in New Brunswick) and his lovely wife Johanne, with pool stick.  Him and Frank use to play pool at night, after the flights.  They are a good competition for Lance Marczak. ;-)
 Frank enjoying flying over the nice sceneries of the St John river.



Michael O'Daniel with his Ultra 130 paramotor

 Alain Harvey

Michael O'Daniel' (instructor in Virginia) enjoyed his weekend of flights and the camaraderie when he came to pick up with his bran new Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor.  There is lots of thrust for this very light unit!
Alain Harvey from Quebec, Canada, visits us during the Canadian winter months.
 Ranger Bo  Ranger Bo
Ranger Bo, from Colorado, uses to come down for few weeks during winter.

 Jacques and Sonya Lessard

                         Jacques and Sonya Lessard from Quebec, Canada

 Jacques and Sonya Lessard                                  Jacques & Sonya are the two last on the right

 Jacques flew with us at the St John river and they left for scubadiving with sharks in the Bahamas for few days before returning to Florida. 
 Derridk Davidson and Steve Durgins

 Derrick Davidson                                             (Picture by Steve Durgins)

  Derrrick Davidson and Steve Durgins, from the Tampa area, Florida.

 Derrick Davidson enjoying his new Power Pluto II over the St John river
Gunter Wilkens  Bud Johnson
 Guenter Wilkens from Florida.
Bud Johnson from Louisiana.  As always, it has been a real pleasure having him with us.
 Thaksgiving dinner

Our joyful thanksgiving dinner at Mike Britt's place. 

From left to right, by the window:  Leslie Britt and Rod Ternovsky (Florida), Jeff Goin (Illinois), Bud Johnson (Louisiana), Steve Coffey, Elisabeth Guerin, Luis Britt (all 3 from Florida).

From Laft to right front row: Gilles Desnoyers, Alain Harvey, Mariuz Dragomir and Marco Fontaine (all 4 from Quebec, Canada), Dan Goldstein, Mrs Ternovsky and Ann Britt (all 3 from Florida). 


(Picture by Eric Dufour)

12/25/2010 ~ 1 comment

                                                          Jeff Goin is not at his first visit here and as usual, this is nice seeing him.

Jeff Goin's Visit
                  Alain Harvey, Jeff Goin, Eric Dufour and Steve Coffey

Jeff tried the new Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor and the new Power Pluto II 18 meters from Axis. 

Jeff Goin's review on the Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor on the FootFlyer Website

Jeff Goin's revies on the Power Pluto II 18 meters wing on the FootFlyer Website


Jeff Goin and Eric Dufour


Jeff Goin
         Jeff Goin carving up the Power Pluto II 18 meters 

Tim Kaiser, Jeff Goin, Eric Dufour

Tim Kaiser flying the Power Pluto 18 meters

Tim Kaiser

Tim Kaiser, from Illinois was there too and he tried Elisabeth's
Power II Pluto 18 meters.

 Jeff Goin

Jeff also filmed Rod Ternovsky (paramotor instructor in Jacksonville, Florida) flying tandem with Leslie Britt (paramotor pilot) as a passenger.  Some of this fotage should end up on the Series of Master PPG.

Rod Ternovsky, Jeff Goin

      Some briefing before the takes (Rod, Jeff and Leslie on the background)

 Leslie Britt, Rod Ternovsky and Jeff Goin                          Leslie Britt, Rod Ternovsky and Jeff Goin

ERic Dufour

 Jeff Goin fliming Eric Dufour

Jeff Goin filming Eric Dufour taking-off with his Power Vega II glider and Titanium Ultra 130 paramotor.

<-- Jeff needed a scene about landing on an object and asked Eric to land on the Parabarge.

The St John's River area Marty Hathaway

(Picture by Steve Durgins)

Flying over the St John river area.  



(Picture by Leslie Britt)
Marty Hathaway goofing around.

Marty learned to fly with Eric Dufour in 2003 and has been
2nd place at the first US national PPG competitions.
He is also an excellent photographer and... a dear friend.

Rob Catto

Rob Catto (one of our local pilots) parawaiting.


Rod Ternovski Tandem
  Rod Ternovsky flying tandem with his brand new Power Pluto II with the logo we made for him.  Rod, who is an excellent pilot,  is a certified USPPA instructor and has a school in Jacksonville:

Ranger Bo Steeve Coffey
Ranger Bo, from Colorado, had an emergency landing.  Steve Coffey quickly landed and came to the rescue. 
(Pictures by Marty Hathaway)

Rescuing Ranger Bo


Richard's first solo flight (landing).   



Richard's first solo flight

Elisabeth_Guerin_Flying_Her_New_Kangook KX1
Elisabeth ready to take-off with her Power Pluto II 18 meters and new KX1 Kangook trike. 

Return after the flights

Return of the two parabarges after nice morning flights.     


Marty Hathaway, Danny Goldbach, Tom Evers,  
Rob Catto's back, Richard and Nelson Cummings.  


Return after the flights

Marty Hathaway's PPG Picassa Album October 30th 2010

Marty Hathaway's PPG picassa Album October 31st 2010

Marty Hathaway's PPG picassa Album November 20th & 21st 2010

Marty Hathaway's PPG picassa Album December 4th 2010

Among our students in October, we had Jeff Tocci from Louisiana and Michael Croteau from Winconsin, coming here for a full training. 
 Training at the St John's River area
Picture by Marty Hathaway
 Preparing to fly
They botn enjoy the training and also the nice sceneries of the St John`s river area and of course, the camaradery among the local pilots.
Michael trained on a Paratrike and a Prima 4 glider.
 Training at the St John's River area  Michael Croteau in Flight
Picture by Marty Hathaway Picture by Marty Hathaway
 Jeff Tocci Flying his PPG on trike  Michael Croteau after landing
Jeff came for a training on a trike and foot launch with his Kangook PPG and trike. 
 We could easily see how much Michael enjoyed being in the air.
 Jeff Tocci  After the flights
With his Power Pluto glider, not only has he a good wing for a beginner, but he will not get bored with it when with more experience.
 Loading the parabarge after good flights:  Jeff, Elisabeth & Michael

Michael completed his training with 47 flights and Jeff with 62 flights, including 32 on trike.

Once back home, both sent us their testimonial. 
Click here to see their testimonial
Click here




This picture has been taken right after their PPG training has been officially completed: 
Michael Croteau, Eric Dufour & Jeff Tocci.

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Bob Gaskins' training and Georgia pilots' visit
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