Paratour - Happy
A great week at RipAir, the biggest glider shop in the world


After Basse-Ham, we went for a week in Annecy, France, where Elisabeth spent most of her time at Ripair, the biggest glider shop worldwide.  Bertrand & Ania Magdalena have been very generous of their knowledge with us.

THey use top of the line equuipments to proceed to the tasks. 
RipAir 2010
Eric watches Bertrand repacking a reserve

There has been allot of paragliders worked on during the time we were there and the employees were working very meticulusly and with methode.  Bertrand Magdalena has set a system, so they can do the tasks in very specific ways.
RipAir 2010
There is over 10 full time employees there and the ambiance is friendly.

RipAir 2010
There is room and excellent light, which is what
every good glider shop should have.

Elisabeth Guerin Bertrand Magdalena Elisabeth Guerin Bertrand Magdalena
Bertrand kindly and generously shared his knowledge with Elisabeth
RipAir 2010
The view from the shop
RipAir 2010
All week long we saw paragliders flying and landing in front of the shop.

Eric Dufour Bertrand Magdalena Annecy France

Eric enjoyed paragliding with Bertrand (who is an excellent pilot) and his buddies.  That was qiuete a good climbing and fantastic flying over one of the best faragliding places in the world.

More pictures at lfretes1erjuillet2010


While in Annecy, we took the opportunity to visit Supair and ITV.  Unfortunately, we lost a chip with all the pictures we took during our visit at ITV and also the the ones took at the nice bed & breakfast we lodged in. 

Heniu Dyduch kindly received us at the ITV factory and we had a nice visit in the spacious rooms.  This is big and most of the people working for them are hired since about 20 years.   


At SupAir, we enjoyed the warm welcoming and the interesting equipment  they have and the nice harnesses and other articles they produce.Supair




Philippe Clerjon showed us their harness breakage tester.  Cusotm made of course and it can put over 300 kilos of tension. 

Harness Breakage tester at Supair
Supair Simon Serpolet (left), Philippe Clerjon (center) and Pierre Bouilloux.


On our way back to Charles de Gaule airport, we stopped by Nicolas, who is a long time pilot living in a very nice appartment on the 33dr floor of a building on Dunois St.  That was a great time with him and his family. 

Vew of Paris from 33rd floor

Two of Nicolas' apartment's walls are only windows and here
is the view we had on this cloudy day.
View of Paris from 33rd Floor