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Salton Sea Fly-In 2011
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Once again we had a great time at the Salton Sea fly-in in California, where attended PPG pilots from all over the US and also from other countries from different continents.

There is allot of work involved in the preparation of a fly-in and once again, Mike and Michelle Robinson did a great job.  We all had a great time at this fly-in in the desert.  Good weather to fly every day, nice sceneries, beautiful sunsets, the camaderie (of course) and great hosts. 

*Except for two of them, all pictures are from Elisabeth Guerin

 Salton Sea 2011  

Salton Sea 2011

 Michelle Robinson with her daughter and Rick Hallowes (California).  Paul Lundquist (Minnesota), Alex Donaghy (Colorado) and Mark MacWhirter (California).
 Salton Sea 2011  Manta
 It was nice seeing Jeff Hamman flying his nice manta wing, made by Boguslaw Pelczar, whom we consider as the master in special shapes for paragliders.
 Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011
 Brian Shaw (Arizona), Jeff Goin (Illinois) and Jeff Hamman (California).  Sue Moser, from New Mexico.  Her and her husband kirk, flew their Green Eagles all weekend.  Remember that we mentionned their PPG wedding last summer on our blog?
 Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011
 Elisabeth with Luis Pabon, Milton Santiago and Yamil Quinones, all from Puertorico.  Alex Varv presented the Kangook with the Black Devil engine and a new arness made in USA.
 Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011
 On fly-ins, our Floridian group uses a to make a PPG train to transport our equipments on the flying site.  Right before another great evening flight, Mike Britt was the driver and Marty Hathaway, the passenger.
 Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011
Shimi Yacoby (California), who is Elisabeth's client, kindly offered her a ride from the flying zone to the camp ground, on the hood of his already filled jeep.  It is nice never grewing up! Many pilots brought their 4 wheelers.  Here we see Jeff Goin chatting with Mark MacWhirter.  BTW, Mark enjoys flying his new  Titanium Ultra 130.  He says he is very happy with it.
 Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011 
  The light and powerful Titanium Ultra 130 and 180 paramotors kept the attention of many. 
 Salton Sea 2011 Comps  Salton Sea 2011

 During the event, was held the US national competitions, sponsored by the USPPA and directed by Eric Dufour.  This year, Dave Fore won the 1st place.  Congrats Dave!

 David Fore (Texas) and Lance Marczak (Illinois).  Lance uses to play pool with Eric Dufour when they meet.  It became a tradition.
 Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011 
 Famous 72 year young John Fetz (Arizona - Mr. Prop Repairs himself) kited a bit his almost like new Edel Corvett paraglider made in 1990.  Casey Caldwell (California) trying the Titanium Ultra.
Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011
 Friday night, in Mike Britt's RV, Marty Hathaway (Florida) helped  Alain Harvey (Quebec, Canada) to prepare the dinner.  This one was special, as it was for Rob Catto's (Florida) birthday.  Rob (on the right) turned the big 5 O (Welcome in the group!).  In the center, Dmitry Kuperschmidt (New York - MAH Propellers) and Mike Britt (Florida) on the right.
Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011
During Rob's birthday dinner:  Jack Kimble (Florida), Christiane "CC" Moisan (Quebec, Canada), Eric Dufour (Florida) and BJ Grault (Florida). Jeanie & Bob "Bubba" Peters (Colorado & Arizona)
with Greg Haag (Indiana) in the center.
Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011
Phil Russman (California - preparing to film the ground handling contest.  One of the highlights of this fly-in is surely the ground handling contest.  Colorfull and fun to watch. 

The Nirvana pilots did a great night show, but we have unfortunately no pictures of it.
Salton Sea 2011 Salton Sea 2011
 The Saturday night banquet, was an other joyful moment.  This year again, the RCs, Michelle Daniele (New Mexico) and our famous PPG Morron Paul Anthem (Indiana), entertained us with success.  Paul even sang!  The band "The Pilot Project" from New Mexico, with Michelle Daniele as lead signer, played a fun PPG song.  This band is made by PPG pilots who are -or were- for the most part, professional musicians.
 Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011
Our table. The group of PPG pilots from Puerto Rico.
Salton Sea 2011  Salton Sea 2011

 Eric Dufour and Michael Purdy (California & Mexico) announcing who are the 2011 PPG national cometition winners.

Jeff Goin, Pawel Brezina (from Czech Republic) and Eric Dufour.

This year, Jeff won the 3rd place and Pawel the 4th at the US national competitions.

A big tank you to the Paratoys team for this great weekend!


Oisin Creagh 's video on the this fly-in where we can get a good flavor of the 2011 PPG national competitions:


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 Salton Sea 2011

Brian Thivierge (California), who did a good job with the design of this year's Salton Sea's fly-in T-shirts.





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Author: Brad Powell - 03/03/2011
Thanks for the blog update on Salton sea. Looks like I missed a great trip. I hope to y'all here in Georgia April 15-17.