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SD MiniMax Trike


Very easy to fly!

Easy to take-off

Fun to fly

Very maneuverable

Comfortable, nice seat position

And like all SD products, it comes with excellent service after the sale

No physical efforts required.

No need to hold the A risers; take your toggles, use half throttle, wait for the glider to be stable overhead and go!

SD MiniMax

It can be flown with regular PPG steering toggles, or
with the steering bar.

This steering bar offers a low and comfortable arm
position, which is nice during long flights and also for
people having shoulders problems.

CC Moisan, an experienced pilot, likes flying the MiniMax
Picture by Marty Hathaway

You pilot the MiniMax just like a regular PPG trike, except that the take-offs are much easier.


It steers like a car for gentle turns and minimizes the risks of over control.


As it is telescopic, it can be pushed down for a flare when performing a touch & go and landing.

SD MiniMax

SD MiniMax

Option of skis 
Fits in the trunk of a van!