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Power Venus III

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The Power Venus II is for pilots demanding performance & direct handling


It is characterized by excellent performance with good passive safety and is therefore suitable for long x-country flights as well as competition.


In new Power Venus II, you can find outstanding performances -which are usually reserved only to competition class gliders- but with very high stability and passive safety.

Enjoy !

Axis Paragliders

Picture by Marty Hathaway
power venusPicture by Leslie Britt

This is the high performance glider in the AXIS range and provides excellent responses and feedback to the pilot.

Its handling is precise and direct and the turn efficient.

The Power Venus II is a glider made specially for competition and XC pilots, for pilots who appreciate the safety of serial gliders, and for pilots flying recreationally but with experience.

                                          Picture by Leslie Britt

Axis Fire Color

Axis Mars Color

The design is based on the mix of the highly successful Venus and the Mercury competition gliders.  

With an improved glide and more homogenous handling, the Power Venus II is a fast, dynamic, but also stable and predictable glider.

It is designed for excellent glide at speed, direct handling and good behavior.

It provides excellent feedback while also feeling reassuring and solid.

For some pilots it can be a final glider because of the ideal combination of high performance and safety.

  Picture by Leslie Britt


In addition to their very successful Power Venus II, Axis recently add RX version for serious XC pilots.

The main differences between certified version and RX (uncertified) version are:
      - Faster top speed
      - More direct handling
      - All lines are unsheathed
      - Trim risers option

Zoom % 88 92 96 100 104 110
Max wing chord (m)
221.26 230.88 240.50 250.12 264.55
Area (m2)
21.22 23.10 25.07 27.12 30.33
Span (m)
12.14 12.67 13.20 13.73 14.52
Aspect ratio
6.95 6.95 6.95 6.95 6.95
Projected area (m2)
18.16 19.77 21.45 23.20 25.95
Projected span (m)
9.47 9.88 10.29 10.70 11.32
Projected A/R (m2)
4.94 4.94 4.94 4.94 4.94
Number of cells
77 77 77 77 77
Weight range (kg)
60-80 70-95 85-110 100-125 115-145
Homologation   EN-D EN-D EN-D    

Axis reduced the weight of the canopy by the application of new materials, which also increase the safety.

Material reinforcements are added between the exterior line tabs and all the stitching is on the inside of the wing for greater protection.

An innovation – The newly designed “special differential speed-system” increases speed while reducing the chances of collapses at maximum speed.

power venus

Picture by Marty Hathaway

Picture by Marty Hathaway

     Axis Paragliders
Axis achieved these excellent characteristics by using high quality materials (Porcher Marine Scrim W420) on the leading edge of the glider and new materials which have reduced the weight of the canopy, also increasing its safety.

The canopy is made of Skytex S 9017, a water repellent material that has high UV reflectivity.


Upper and lower surface :
- Color fabric:  Skytex New 9017 40g/m2 with E77A "water repellent" finish
- White fabric: Skytex New 9017 40g/m2 with E38A "medium" finish

Profile - Ribs (white) :
- Skytex New 9017 40 g/m2 with E29A "hard finish"
- Skytex New 9017 40 g/m2 with E38A "medium" finish

The lines are made of a Dyneema based new material, Liros PPSL. Characteristics include minimum stretching and much higher durability. 

Choix de couleurs standard

Comes with:
1 Stuff bag;
1 Inner bag;
1 Risers bag;
1 Belt
1 Speed bar;
1 Manual;
1 T-shirt.

Axis Sun Color
Picture by Brian Scott


Axis Custom Colors For an additional $300, you can order your Axis glider in custom color

Picture by Marty Hathaway

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