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Some other crazy stuff Eric Dufour did an evening of February 2012:
Edited by Tim Gaskins



Master Power Paragliding 4:  World's best spot lander:
Edited by Jeff Goin

Master Powered Paragliding 3 & 4'':  Eric Dufour & Jeff Goin Play
Edited par Jeff Goin


Powered Paragliding News & Review : Eric Dufour
Par Jeff Goin


Powered Paragliding Fun Flight by our field in Christmas, in Florida
Filmed and edited by Jeff Goin


Manufacturing Paraglider Fabric at Porcher, in France:

Manufacturing Paraglider Lines:


After another visit at our place with other pilots from Georgia, Tim Gaskins edited the 3 following videos:



Tandem with the Ultra Moster 180 Titanium (this unit weighs 48 lbs), with a 250 lbs passenger and a 170 lbs pilot:



Eric Dufour's Boots Landings:
Edited by Carlos Curti



Bob Gaskin's training with Eric Dufour.
Edited by Tim Gaskins, his twin brother



Flying with us over the St-John's river's area in Christmas, Florida:
Edited by Tim Gaskins and Brad Powel



Edited by Tim Gaskins:



Flying the St John's river, n Christmas, Florida:
Edited by Tim Gaskin and Bred Powell.



Some of Elisabeth Guerin's paraglider repairs:



Another morning of flights in Christmas, Florida:



Wheeled Foot Launch Tandem:


Buddy Trike Trainer
Conception by Eric Dufour
Manufactured by Leon Wacker



A nice video of our flights in Florida:
Edited by Nick Cullisson



Eric Dufour & friends at the St John's river, in Christmas, Florida:
Edited by Lance Marczak



Paramotor fun in Christmas, Florida:
Edited by Stan Honey



This video is a little sample of what it is like to fly with a powered paraglider in Florida:
Edited by Brian Scott, one of our local pilots


PPG and Eric Dufour & friends in Florida:
Edited by Lance Marczak



Eric Dufour flying a 14 meters wing (We learned later that it was a 11.9 meters):



Eric Dufour going for the win at the Alan Chuculate contest:



Eric Dufour taking-off no hand & no cage:



David Malis' PPG training:



Eric Dufour and Richard Good:  Flying backward:



This could happen to you:  Repair of a paraglider by Elisabeth Guerin:
Edited by Capt. Don Andrews


Eric Dufour introducing the XCitor in the US:


Eric Dufour doing Foot Drag and Slalom Clover Leaf:


PPG Advenure in Florida with Eric Dufour in Florida:
Edited by Lance Marczak


Diane Colvin's Paramotor training with Eric Dufour:


Living it up after 60:


Shane Ralph's first solo flight with Eric Dufour:


Eleonaure Dufour (Eric's & Elisabeth's daughter)'s solo flight:


Sarah's first solo flight:


A Great Girls Day Up:


Manufacturing process of fabric for paragliding:

Porcher Sport - Manufacturing process of fabric for paragliding from Olivier on Vimeo.


Another interesting video on the manufacturing process of fabric for paragliding:

Edited by Leocouchsurfing