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Paraglider Repair Form

We have paragliders in line and will take more starting the period of April 6th to 12th.

If you want to reserve a spot fo
r your wing for those dates, please contact Elisabeth Guerin at 352-461-4641, or  You can ship it few days before the scheduled week.

*Now on, Elisabeth is dedicated to paraglider repairs and inspections related to repairs only, such as post incident canopy, lines and risers inspection.  This way, her turn around is much faster.

For full annual inspections, ordering lines and more, you can contact
Shannon Michaels at Four Winds PPG Glider Shop.  She has been trained by Elisabeth and is meticulous and crafty:

Four Winds PPG Glider Shop, Avon Park Executive Airport, 1535 Hwy 64 West, Avon Park, FL 33825


Please fill out the form below before sending us your glider for repair or inspection.  After clicking "Submit" below, a copy of the form will be emailed to you and to the glider shop so that we will know to expect your glider in the mail soon. 

Shipping Address:
6525 Indian River Blvd.
Grant, FL 32949

When shipping your paraglider, you can fold it tight and attach it with its belt or a thick rope.  You do not need to send your glider with your stuff bag, unless you want it to be repaired.  This way, you are saving in volume and weight. 

Please, print a copy of this form, or the emailed version and include it in the box with your glider.

We will call you to let you know that we have received your wing.

Street Address:
Daytime Phone:
Your Email Address:
Name and Brand of Glider:
Size of Glider:
How much ($) do you want the glider to be insured for during return shipping? (We usually ship by USPS - the insurance cost will be added to your bill)
DESCRIPTION Price $(1)  


Find below prices should you only need a partial servicing of the wing:

Post Incident Lines Inspection $50
Post Incident Canopy Inspection (upper sail, lower sail and all ribs inside, seams and attachment points) $50
Test Flight on a paramotor Foot launch or on wheels $35
Test Flight on a big trike with special wing attachment, like the Green Eagle or the XCitor $50
Repair (send us a photo for a repair estimate) $55/hr
(1) Prices Subject to Change    
Additional Details:    
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