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Ground Handling

Ground handling is the one of the keys of flying a paramotor.

Tim Melone from Nova Scottia

Playing with the wing with the good technique is the first fundamental exercise that a student must perform before flying flying with or without a motor.

Michael Saffold from Florida, during training

At first, this exercise is complicated and sometimes confusing.  It is a challenge to control a glider over head and run with it.

With good supervision, the first day over, the exercise becomes fun, motivating and progresses are very fast.


61 year young Rick Gaskins from Florida, practicing with the Papoose,
a nice 11 meter ground handling paraglider

Many students can do it after few hours of training: 
Inflation forward, reverse, cross handling control, B lines stalls,
C lines control, A risers, pendulum control, wing tips collapse and recovering, running forward, going backward, running side to side, etc...

There is no limit to your imagination,
once you can handle a glider over your head.

With good technique, the more you do, the better you get.

Michel Proulx, an experienced pilot from Montreal,
still enjoys doing ground handling.

It is also provide a good work out.

Bob Gaskins' solo flight

After mastering the wing on the ground, the motor becomes
a friend to help you getting in the air easily and safely.