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Paratour is a world renowned PPG company and is proud to be mentioned in the press in the following links.

In the News Links

The French Basse-Ham Fly-In (Part I) July 2007 Elisabeth Guerin Aero Sports Connection Magazine
Competition Perspective June 2006 Jeff Goin Ultraflight Magazine
Huffing and Puffing Weather Can't Blow Away USPPA Convention 2006 June 2006 Jamie Beckett Ultraflight Magazine
Earthbound? December 2005 John & Cynthia Booth Aero Sports Connection Magazine
Spreu Und Weizen (German) May 2005   Fly and Glide
Basse-Ham World Fly-In January 2005 Elisabeth Guerin Ultraflight Magazine
Volusia officials take wind out of para-motorists' sails Feb. 8, 2001 Mark. I. Johnson The News-Journal
The Silex Powered Paraglider Wing June 2000 Alan Chuculate Paragliding Magazine
Aiming High Nov. 5, 1999   The Observer
Powered Paragliding Aug. 23, 1998 Jonathan Van Fleet SUN Journal
It's Raining Parachutes April 14, 1997   Sun-Sentinal
Bird watching by Paramotor Dec '95/Jan '96 Bruno Blais Cross Country Magazine
Campaigning by Paramotor June/July '94 Eric Dufour Cross Country Magazine