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Very easy to fly! If you can drive,you can fly the Skykart.

Easy to take-off

Fun to fly


Very maneuverable

Electric start

Comes with a 48" carbon propeller and an 11 liter gas tank for about 3 hours of flight.
The engine is the well known and powerful Fresh Breeze Monster:

- Powerful with160 lbs of thrust
- Reliable and well built
- Easy to start
- One of the quietest on the market


The Skykart also comes with optional rear hydraulic disc brakes and foot throttle. 
Just like a GO-Cart!
It can be flown with regular PPG steering toggles, or with the steering bar.

This steering bar offers a low and comfortable arm position, which is nice during long flights and also for people having shoulders problems. 

It steers like a car for gentle turns and minimizes the risks of over control.

As it is telescopic, it can be pushed down for a flare when performing a touch & go and landing.


Taking-off is very easy with the Skykart!

You pilot the Skykart just like a regular PPG trike, except that the take-offs are much easier.

No physical efforts required.

No need to hold the A risers; take your toggles, use half throttle, wait for the glider to be stable overhead and go!



  Engine:  Hirth F 33 Monster
  Type:   2 stroke, 1 cylinder
  Cooling:   Air-cooled
  Power:   23 KW
  Cylinder capacity:   313cc
  Ignition:   Electronic
  Carburetor:   Bing type 84
  Ratio:   2,64
  Exhaust:   Resonator
  Weight:   148 lbs
  Propeller:   Carbon 2 blades
  Diameter:   48 "
  Static thrust:   160 lb
Skycart Skycart

The Skykart is made exclusively for Paratour.

*All pictures on this Web page are by Capt. Don Andrews