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Training with Eric Dufour

When you take your training at Paratour,
you know you will be trained by Eric Dufour, who
is one of the most experienced and respected trainers world wide.

A complete training with him includes the following for beginners & advanced courses:

Training with Eric Defour

Paratour's teaching techniques make learning easier, safer and faster.

This is the reason why some of our techniques are now used in different schools across America and Europe.

Paratour offers: 

  • Paramotor foot launch course
  • Paramotor on trike course
  • Advanced paramotor course
  • Skill and technique refining course
  • Tandem pilot training
  • Instructor training
  • Skill and technique refining for instructors


A complete beginner training includes:

  • Ground Handling-  click for more info
  • Tow Flights-  click for more info
  • Simulator-  click for more info
  • Tandem Instructional Flight
  • Basic paramotor mechanic instruction                         
  • Theory
  • Depending on weather factors and physical condition of the student, this course is completed in a minimum of 20 to 25 flights (often more) to reach the PPG 2 rating from USPPA.


Picture by d'Axel Charles-Messange
Radio Assisted Solo Flight

During every single flight, all our students are always
guided with a double radio for a better safety.

Tandem flight  $100.00

Reimbursable if training is taken at Paratour by the passenger
within 3 following months after this flight.

*All students have a tandem flight before flying solo.

Joe Oeffler from New York, just after landing on his first solo flight

Learning ground handling

Theory course

Tow flight

Practice in the simulator trainer to prepare for the first solo flight

Paramotor mechanic course

Eric Dufour takes a minimum number of student at the time to insure
a better training to every one of them.  
Therefore, you have to reserve your place in advance
Before reserving your place for training, w
e need to know your age,
height and weight, as well as your general physical condition. 

PPG Training with Eric Defour


- Training by the day for advance training: 
$350.00 - Equipment included
$300.00 - Equipment non included

- Full training foot launch or on trike (minimum of 20 to 25 flights to PPG 2 level under USPPA guide line):

- When a complete new equipment is purchased from Paratour:  $3,000.00 US (with student's equipment)

- When a complete used equipment is purchased from Paratour:  $3,200.00 US (with student's equipment)

- When the equipment is not purchased from Paratour: $3,500.00 US (with student's equipment)


  • Training video Links

Eric Dufour teaches in Valkaria airport, in Valkaria, Florida, USA

Eric Dufour training paramotor on wheels

Picture by Capt. Don Andrews

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